Conference Issue: Icmtest 2016 Track Papers

International Conference on Modern Engineering Science & Technology(ICMTEST 2016) Organized By: "Vishwatmak Om Gurudev, College of Engineering, Thane, Maharashtra. " Held on 9th & 10th April 2016;

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Optimization of Cutting Parameters in Turning of NIMONIC 80A by using Taguchi Method  

Authors: Jitendra Patil, Mudigonda Sadaiah

Page No.: 01 - 04


2. Comparison between free piston and conventional internal combustion engine: A REVIEW  

Authors: Avinash Warade, Prof Manoj Dhawade

Page No.: 05 - 08


3. A Review on Experimental Analysis for Rectangular Perforated Fin Array  

Authors: I.N. Wankhede, N. P. Salunke

Page No.: 09 - 14


4. A Review on - Effect of Process Parameters on MRR of Submerged Type Wire Electric Discharge Machine.  

Authors: Kiran M. Thorve, Dhiraj R. Singh

Page No.: 15 - 19


5. Optimization of End Milling Machining Parameters of AISI 321Stainless Steel using Taguchi Method  

Authors: Harish Holkar, Mudigonda Sadaiah

Page No.: 20 - 23


6. Conversion of Single Cylinder 2-Stroke Petrol Engine into Compressed Air Engine using a Cam-operated DCV  

Authors: Radheshyam Wagh, Sagar Nikam, Yogesh Salame, Swamini Chopra

Page No.: 24 - 28


7. Automation for the Process of Powder Coating through Reciprocator using PLC  

Authors: Kundan Gedam, Sanath Kumar

Page No.: 29 - 34


8. Investigation of Muffler for Noise Reduction  

Authors: Nikesh Ghude, Abhishek Malve, Kevin Kotian, Mohit Thawani, Sanjay Rukhande

Page No.: 35 - 38


9. Design and Construction of Hexapod (Six Legged) Robot  

Authors: Abhishek Ranadive, Ivan Lewis, Pranay Yadav, Samhita Pashte, Nilesh Ghongade

Page No.: 39 - 43


10. Towards The Success of ERP System: Case Study of IMA-PG INDIA Pvt. Ltd.  

Authors: Ameya Pitale, Bhushan Sawant, Sarfaraz Momin, Stavan Shah, M.S Bhadane

Page No.: 44 - 47


11. Kinematic and Dynamic Modeling of a Quad copter following a trajectory using MATLAB  

Authors: Aamir Padwekar, Altamash Shaikh, Adnan Syed, Rahul Thavai

Page No.: 48 - 53


12. Design and Analysis of Low Specific Speed Centrifugal Pump Impeller Passage  

Authors: Mr.Nilesh A.Patil, Mr.Nilesh M.Shinde, Mr. Rajendra A Patil

Page No.: 54 - 57


13. To analyze the effect of varying fin shapes for Microprocessor- A Review  

Authors: Mr. Pankaj V. Baviskar, Mr. Kapil A. Saner, Mr. Vijay B.Jadhav

Page No.: 58 - 62


14. Development and Calibration of Pressure Probe: A Review  

Authors: Mr. Vijay B. Jadhav, Prof. Nilesh P. Salunke, Mr. Pankaj V. Baviskar

Page No.: 63 - 66


15. Review on Intelligent Braking System  

Authors: Milind S.Deotale, Hrishikesh Shivankar, Rohit More

Page No.: 67 - 69



17. A Review….. Design of solar chimney for passive ventilation Systems  

Authors: Santosh P. Basare, Prof. S. V. Devkare, Prof. A. S. Dayma

Page No.: 75 - 78


18. A Concept for Solar Operated Water Desalination System  

Authors: Deepak S Mahale, Prof. Anwesh Virkunwar

Page No.: 79 - 83


19. Design & Fabrication of Helical Coiled Solar Water Heater with Auto Tracking Device  

Authors: Vikas MMahale, Prof. AnweshVirkunwar

Page No.: 84 - 88


20. Review on Solar Pump  

Authors: Mangesh M Paradkar, Dr. Keshav H. Jatkar

Page No.: 89 - 93


21. Experimental Analysis of Freezer Free Domestic Refrigerator  

Authors: Sonyabapu P. Shepal, Prof. Amol S. Dayma

Page No.: 94 - 99


22. Study of Metal Matrix Composites of Automobile Brakes  

Authors: Mr. Jay P. Shirsat, Mr. A. K. Virkunwar

Page No.: 100 - 104


23. To Study the Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Air Conditioning system using Indirect Evaporative Cooling Approach  

Authors: Mr. Anoop kumar, Prof. A.S. Dayma, Prof. Anwesh Virkunwar

Page No.: 105 - 107


24. Reduction Of Tool Wear By Optimizing Cutting Parameters By Using Multi Regression Analysis  

Authors: Kaustubh Bhagat, Prof. Vaibhav Pawar, Prof. M Nadar

Page No.: 108 - 111


25. Review on Experimental Analysis of CAM Roller of Petrol Engine by Change in Profile  

Authors: Hitesh Madanlal Sharma, Pankaj Kumar Gound, Shekhar Parshuram Gavas, Akash Suresh Dhoble

Page No.: 112 - 114


26. Review: Engine Cooling System Using Nanofluids  

Authors: Trupti Mohape, Dr. Keshav H. Jatkar

Page No.: 115 - 118


27. Review of Hydrogen mass storage using Ammonia Borane  

Authors: Mrs. Anupama Mathapati, Prof. S.V. Devkare

Page No.: 119 - 122


28. Zeolite-Water Adsorption Refrigeration System  

Authors: Prathamesh Prakash Chachad, Prof. Sandesh Bhadane

Page No.: 123 - 125


29. Design and optimization of thermal storage tank using CFD  

Authors: Satish Kumar singh, Jayant Chaudhari

Page No.: 126 - 131


30. Photo Chemical Machining  

Authors: Kumar Chaudhari, Akshay Patil, Mahendra kolekar, Amol Patil

Page No.: 132 - 136


31. Spiral Tube Water Wheel Pump  

Authors: Praveen Mishra, Divakar Verma, Harshal Sankhe, Rajesh More

Page No.: 137 - 139


32. Experimental Verification of Various Parameter Affecting to Psychrometric Processes  

Authors: Ajit Suresh Patil, Ajay Vitthal Patil, Vijay Eknath Kene, Rahul Ramchandra Sonawane

Page No.: 140 - 144


33. Gearless Mechanism in Right Angle  

Authors: Atish Lahu Patil,Vinay Prabhakar Jadhav, Sagar Padmakar Patil, Roshan Suresh Shelar, Prof. Pavan Nikam

Page No.: 145 - 149


34. Experimental Verification of the Variable Affecting the Performance of Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle  

Authors: Kiran Dilip Bhosale, Suraj Dilip Bhosale, Suraj Anil Borade, Akash Suresh Dhoble

Page No.: 150 - 152


35. Design and Fabrication of Model of Gas Profile Cutting Machine and Studying Cutting Speed and Time for Given Profile  

Authors: Prasad Suresh Sanas, Rohit Sarvarish Tiwari, Akshay Padmakar Parab, Amitkumar Vijay Thakur

Page No.: 153 -156


36. Design of Contactless Braking System  

Authors: Prathamesh B. Bhavsar, Harshad L. Chaudhari, Ajay P. Choudhari, Ravindra B. Adole

Page No.: 157 - 160


37. Fire Fighting Robot  

Authors: Pratik. K. Palyekar, Chandan Singh, Ashish Singh, Dinesh. K. Yadav

Page No.: 161 - 165


38. Mechanism of Stirling Engine  

Authors: Ajay Utekar, Anirudha Shinde, Siddhesh Kstoori, Siddhesh Pawar

Page No.: 166 - 169


39. Energy Audit a Window to Energy Optimization in Industries  

Authors: Ritesh Patil, Aniket Mane, Digvijay Patil, Vineet Pandey, Prof. M. P. Chavan

Page No.: 170 - 173


40. Public Private Partnership in Highway Construction in India  

Authors: Mr. Mahesh M. Barad, Dr. K. Ravi

Page No.: 174 - 176


41. Review-Hydrological forecasting by using SCS-CN Modeling  

Authors: Pasupati M. Shrestha, Dr. (Mrs.) Geetha K. Jayaraj

Page No.: 177 - 181



43. Sustainable Urban Transport Management for Nashik City  

Authors: Ravindra B. Bagul, Prof.Dr.P.G.Gaikwad

Page No.: 186 - 190


44. Analysis & Planning of 2-Wheeler Parking Facility near Railway Station  

Authors: Kushal Panchal, Piyush Parmar, Sushil Yadav, Asir Khan

Page No.: 191 - 196


45. Estimation of PCU Values for Mid Block Section and Rounabout  

Authors: Swapnil Gorwadkar, Piyush Gurav, Chintan Shah, VIneet Ranka, Asir Khan

Page No.: 197 - 203


46. Awareness and Adoption of BIM in Construction Industry  

Authors: Abuzar Aftab Shaikh, Ramya Raju, Nida L. Malim, Dr. (Mrs.) Geetha K. Jayaraj

Page No.: 204 - 208


47. Relationship between implementation of TQM, JIT and TPM techniques of Lean Construction  

Authors: Nida L. Malim, Abuzar Aftab Shaikh, Ramya Raju, Dr. (Mrs.) Geetha K.

Page No.: 209 - 212



49. An Overview on Health Effects of Asbestos Exposure in Humans and Disposal Technique of Asbestos  

Authors: Mrs Archana N. Mahajan, Mr Nivendra S. Mahajan

Page No.: 216 - 219


50. A Civil Engineering Innovative solution for the Slum people in Shirpur city  

Authors: Prof. Rajendra D Patil, Prof. Aakash Suresh Pawar, Prof. Dhirajkumar S. Lal

Page No.: 220 - 223


51. Expansion of S.T.P. (Sewage Treatment Plant) for Dhulia City  

Authors: Prof. Pramod Sambhaji Patil, Prof. Aakash Suresh Pawar

Page No.: 224 - 225


52. Cyclic Behavior of FRP Strengthen Beam  

Authors: Sujit Tare, Lavkesh Wankhade

Page No.: 226 - 228


53. Comparative Study of Replacement of Cement by Biomass and Silica Fume  

Authors: Sushil D. Shepal, Prof. R. M. Swamy

Page No.: 229 - 234


54. Experimental Study on Pervious Concrete by Varying Size and Shape of Aggregate  

Authors: Vikrant P. Kothari, Sharvari M. Rath

Page No.: 235 - 240


55. An Experimental Investigation on Internally Cured Concrete  

Authors: Siddiqui Mohammed Junaid, Bhadki Safwan, Bodale Ahamad, Sayyad Kaleem, Ulde Nuh

Page No.: 241 - 244


56. Quality Control at Site; Effectiveness of Cost Management  

Authors: Milind N. Telavane, Prof. R.M.Swamy

Page No.: 245 - 249


57. Drought in Thane District and the Scope of Conjunctive use of Surface Water and Sub-Surface Water  

Authors: Vihang G. Pathare, Seema A. Jagtap

Page No.: 250 - 254


58. Zero Waste Sugar Industry by Using Bio-tower  

Authors: Prof. Samriddhi Shelavale, Prof. Vaibhav Shinde

Page No.: 255 - 261


59. Risk Involved in Construction Supply Chain Management  

Authors: Prof. Pritee M. Mistry, Prof. Rashmi P. Rana, Prof. Dr. P. G. Gaikwad

Page No.: 262 - 264


60. NET- Zero Energy Building  

Authors: Pramod Yadav

Page No.: 265 - 269


61. Suitability of Bamboo as Reinforcement in Column  

Authors: RameshwarSahu, Avinash Kale, DhirajChoudhari, PiyushMhatre, Prof. RashmiRana

Page No.: 270 - 272


62. New invention on Reuse of Sewage and Wastewater by Phytorid Technology  

Authors: Swapnil S. Navaghare, Vipul A. Kadam, Suraj T. Sawant, SaurabhSwamy and Prof. Archana N. Mahajan

Page No.: 273 - 276


63. Comparison between Steel Chimney and R.C.C. Chimney  

Authors: Bhagyashree Vananje, Namrata Shinde, Ashwini Vishe, Harshala Hazare, Mrs. Vaibhavi Mahtre

Page No.: 277 - 279


64. Comparison Between Design of RCC Box Culvert by Analytically and Staad.Pro  

Authors: Mr.Mangesh S.Sulke, Mr.Ganesh P. Chaudhari, Mr.Vishal B. Waghchaure, Mr.Swapnil G. Rane, Prof. Vaibhavi Mhatre

Page No.: 280 - 282


65. Utilization of Plastic Waste as Construction Material  

Authors: Chinmaya Tiware,Taher Malvi,Rahul Shirsat,Prasad Bhoir,Mrs.Archana Mahajan

Page No.: 283 - 285


66. Consolidation of Soil by using Prefabricated Vertical Drains  

Authors: S. D. Chaugule, J.N.Gulvi, M. B. Mulik, A. S. Yelve, Miss. Pritee Mistry

Page No.: 286 - 287


67. Lateral Loads Resisting Structural Systems Sustaniabilty of Structural Systems  

Authors: Girish Gaikwad, Saurabh Gaikwad, Mayur Gavali, Mayuresh Avhad, Mrs. Vaibhavi Mhatre

Page No.: 288 - 292


68. Study of Landslide Hazard and Mitigation Methods  

Authors: Atesh Jadhav, Pankaj Bhagat, Rahul Patil, Anil Bhoir, Prof. Samriddhi Shelavale

Page No.: 293 - 295


69. To Study Concept of Bridge Garden with Special Emphasis on Recycled Water  

Authors: Vinayak V. Salkar, Subhash P.Gupt, Omkar.S Sawant, Vikas R.Dadas, Prof. Samruddhi Shelavale

Page No.: 296 - 297


70. Utilization of Domestic Waste in VOGCE by Pit Method  

Authors: A.S.Chavan, A.N.Velhal, M.J.Vishwakarma, R.S.Mishra, Mrs. Archana N. Mahajan

Page No.: 298 - 300


71. Detail Study of High Performance Concrete using GGBS  

Authors: Deven Shinde, Mangesh chaudhari, Vaibhav Korgaonkar, Kunal Patil, Prof. Pritee Mistry

Page No.: 301 - 304


72. Design & Developing Rain Water Harvesting System in Campus  

Authors: Sayali Vinod Prabhu, Sanketa Uttam Kadam, Manasi Rajendra Vaity, Sammrudhi Shelavale

Page No.: 305 - 307


73. A Review on Seismic Assessment of an RC Building using Pushover Analysis  

Authors: Navneet Kashinath Ganekar, Shraddha Uday Jadhav, Bhagyashree Vishnu Ghogale, Prof. Vaibhavi Mhatre

Page No.: 308 - 309


74. Conical and Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shell Foundation  

Authors: Mahesh Salunkhe, Manoj Yadav, Sanjeet Pal, Shubham Patil, Miss.Vaibhvai Mhatre

Page No.: 310 - 312


75. Safety in Underground Tunnel  

Authors: Rahul Chavan, Kalpesh Mhatre, Imran Warsi, Ajay Yadav, Rashmi Rana

Page No.: 313 - 315


76. Testing on use of Hypo sludge and Recron 3s Fibre in Cement Concrete  

Authors: Dinesh G Shelavale, Ketan R Patil, Kalpesh R Patil, Abhijit M Bombe

Page No.: 316 - 317


77. Cost Comparison & Effectiveness of Mivan Formwork over the Conventional Formwork  

Authors: Aniket S.Kadam, Akshay T. Kokare, Sanket B. Samukhrao, Sanman N. Sawant,Miss. Pritee Mistry

Page No.: 318 - 319


78. Polymer Modified Mortar & Microconcrete Comparison Between Repair Methodology of Rcc Structures  

Authors: Mukesh Choudhary, Prasad Sawant, Ajay Kore, Santosh Murugan

Page No.: 320 - 322


79. Edge Detection Based Adaptive Traffic Control System  

Authors: Prof. M. D. Ramteke, Hitesh P.Pote, Akshay Ukey, Prashant Ugemuge, Srushti Gonnade

Page No.: 323 - 325


80. Design and Simulation of High Speed, less area 64-Bit ALU using Efficient Technique  

Authors: Prof. Rajendra M. Rewatkar, Apurva V. Khode, Ashwini S. Kalinkar, Padmaja S. Bangde, Shreya D. Potey

Page No.: 326 - 330


81. Method for Automated Lubrication of Industrial Universal Cross Joint in Hot Rolling Mill  

Authors: Hemlata A. Nasare, Akash P. Navghare, Kartik S. Pohane, Rishikesh R. Pathak, Neha N. Thakare, Neha P. Jumde

Page No.: 331 - 334


82. An Approach for Intrusion Detection by using “Genetic Algorithm"  

Authors: Mr.Devendra Vaidya, Prof. Aswini Yerlekar

Page No.: 335 - 339


83. Comparative Analysis of Different Maximum Power Point Techniques Using Boost Converter  

Authors: Joshi Sarthak Krishna, Dr. B. R. Patil, Sharvari Sane

Page No.: 340 - 344



85. A Review on Effects of NANO Fluids on Thermal Performance of Heat Pipes  

Authors: Aruna Mohandas, Prof. A. S. Dayma

Page No.: 350 - 353


86. Design and Fabrication of Electromgnetic Embossing Machine  

Authors: Swati N. Datey, Akhilesh A. Solanke, Rajat D. Kokate, Lokesh N.Chawhan, Akash Bhoyar, Ajay Wankar

Page No.: 354 - 356


87. Car Anti Collision System  

Authors: Mohd Nazim, Sameer Ahmad, Nayan Gawande

Page No.: 357 - 362


88. Synthesis of Copper / Copper Oxide Nanoparticles in Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Manner from Floral Extract of Caesalpiniapulcherrima  

Authors: Rinkesh Vishnu Kurkure, Sandesh Jaybhaye, Abhijeet Sangle

Page No.: 363 - 366


89. Installation of Condensate Recovery System - A Case Study Of Jindal Steel Ltd  

Authors: Mr. Pravin Pisal, Prof. Manoj P Chavan

Page No.: 367 - 375


90. Analysis and Performance Ratio of Various Routing Protocol using NS2  

Authors: Nilesh N Jaiswal, Shubhangi borkar

Page No.: 376 - 379


91. Congestion Control Using Signal Strength in MANET: Review Paper  

Authors: Shital M Dhat, Dr. Abhilasha Mishra, Mazher Khan

Page No.: 380 - 383


92. Security based Voting System  

Authors: Prof. Ritu Sharma, Mihir Butala, Tejaswi Konduskar, Jaydas Sakhare

Page No.: 384 - 386


93. Shape Classification Using Regional Descriptors and Tangent Function  

Authors: Meetal Kalantri, Rahul Dhuture, Amit Fulsunge

Page No.: 387 - 391


94. Intelligent Monitoring System for Security of Vehicle  

Authors: Anuja K Raut, Dr.S.B.Mohite

Page No.: 392 - 394


95. Comparative Analysis of Active Noise Cancellation Techniques  

Authors: Abhinav Jauhari, Dr. Sanjay Sharma

Page No.: 395 - 399


96. A Real Time Hand Gesture Recognition Using Feature Extraction  

Authors: Shruti Wale, Swapnil Patil, Prof. Neha Rai

Page No.: 400 - 405


97. LABVIEW Based Data Acquisition and Automation  

Authors: Vasanth Rajaram, Hemantkumar Rathod, prof. Virendra R. Kholi

Page No.: 406 - 408


98. Partitioned Multihop Broadcast Protocol for Time Critical Emergency Message Dissemination in VANET  

Authors: Swati S Bhagat, Asst Prof. Rekha Dhavan, Asst Prof. Kiran Inamdar

Page No.: 409 - 412


99. Low Latency Modified Multihop Broadcast Protocol for Asynchronous Duty Cycle in WSN  

Authors: Jyoti Deepak Pundle, Prof. Asokan S.

Page No.: 413 - 415


100. A Real Time Car License Plate Detection and Recognition System  

Authors: Aditi D. Parab, Asst. Prof. Upendra Patil, Asst. Prof. Asokan S.

Page No.: 416 - 418


101. Gender Recognition Using Speech Features  

Authors: Trupti Vishe, Prof. Kiran Inamdar

Page No.: 419 - 421


102. Review of Skew Detection Techniques in Degraded Document Images  

Authors: Snehal S. Kolhe, Prof. K. T. Jadhav

Page No.: 422 - 426


103. Fetal Electrocardiography Using Efficient Adaptive Algorithm  

Authors: Mr. Lalit P Patil, Mr. Rahul M .Patil

Page No.: 427 - 430


104. A Review of Novel Adaptive Filtering Approach for Speech Enhancement  

Authors: Lalit P Patil, Jaymala P Patil

Page No.: 431 - 434