Conference Issue: Iciiime 2017 Track Papers

ICIIIME 2017, 1 - 2 June, 2017 Organized by:- " Organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering. "

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. A Review Paper: Forming Behavior Analysis and Failure Modes of Tailor made Blanks (1993-2017)  

Authors: Manoj M.Joshi, R.S.Hingole

Page No.: 01 – 04


2. Analysis and Development of Fiber Laminated Composite Beam  

Authors: Dr. K.R Borole, Bramesh Pobaru, Harshit Tak, Jay Makwana, Parth Ghadge

Page No.: 05 – 07


3. Analysis of Connectiong Rod for Various Composite Materials  

Authors: Yogesh R. Kchrola, Nelvin johny

Page No.: 08 - 11


4. A Case Study on Optimization in Total Operation Time by Using Maynard Operation Sequence Technique  

Authors: Divyang Patel, Prashant Singh Tomar

Page No.: 12 - 16


5. Reducing Material Searching time by implementing 5S in Stores Department of Manufacturing Industry  

Authors: Ankit K. Patel, Prashantsingh R. Tomar, Rajendra P. Nagila

Page No.: 17 - 25


6. A Review on Performance Analysis of an Air Cooled Condensers to Improve Heat Transfer Rate  

Authors: Ankit Desai, Sanjoy Paul

Page No.: 26 - 32


7. Solar Operated Hacksaw Machine  

Authors: Milan N. Gajera, Vipul Chaudhari

Page No.: 33 - 35


8. Design, Analysis and Optimization of Turning Fixture for Steering Knuckle  

Authors: Samant Lal Deo, P.A. Dixit, Krishnan Mahadevan

Page No.: 36 - 38


9. Design and Fabrication of Aluminium Tin Can Crusher  

Authors: A.S.Shinde, A.D. Landge, A.K. Biradar, S.M. Kondawar

Page No.: 39 - 44



11. A Case Study on Reducing in Lead Time by Using Value Stream Mapping  

Authors: Krunal Makwana, Shubham Awasthi

Page No.: 52 - 57


12. A Case Study on Productivity Improvement of Assembly line using VSM Methodology  

Authors: Dharit Pambhar, Shubham Awasthi

Page No.: 58 - 63


13. Investigation of Process Parameters for Drilling on Cotton Fiber Reinforced Composite  

Authors: Amit V. Patel, Jagdish b. Pampania

Page No.: 64 - 66


14. Lead Time Reduction of Power Control Center (Pcc) Electric Panel by Lean Philosophy  

Authors: Pravin N. Prajapati, Shubham Awasthi

Page No.: 67 - 71



16. Reduction of Setup Time on Gear Case during Machining Using SMED Technique  

Authors: Karan Shah, Prashant Singh Tomar

Page No.: 79 - 86


17. Parametric Investigation of Plasma Arc Cutting on Aluminium Alloy 6082  

Authors: Sagar B. Patel, Tejas K. Vyas

Page No.: 87 - 93


18. Effect of Ultrasonic Machining Parameters on Drilling of Steatite Ceramic Composite  

Authors: Jignesh a parmar, Bhupesh goyal

Page No.: 094 - 101


19. Implement Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) concept in manufacturing Industry  

Authors: Dip Kumar Patel, Prashant singh Tomar

Page No.: 102 - 110


20. Review on Defects Reduction in Multiple Sector by Using Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology  

Authors: Jaykar Tailor, Kinjal Suthar

Page No.: 111 - 116


21. A-TIG Welding Process- A Review Paper  

Authors: Bhavin Shah, Bhavik Shah

Page No.: 117 - 119


22. Design & Development of Electrode for Ultrasonic Assisted Pulse Electro-Chemical Machining  

Authors: Pravin Kumar, Dr. Pradeep Jadhav, D. B. Jadhav, Mahavir Beldar

Page No.: 120 - 125



24. Experimental Investigation of Pumping Power and Effectiveness of Car Radiator Using Al2o3 Nanofluid  

Authors: P.A. Ingole, S.M. Shinde, Dr. P.A. Patil

Page No.: 135 - 141


25. Numerical Analysis of Automobile Radiator  

Authors: Shivang Desai, Swati Prajapati

Page No.: 142 - 145


26. An Overview of Dimensional Stability of Invar 36 Material for Space Based Optical Mounting Applications  

Authors: Romin A. Thakar, Snehal V. Trivedi

Page No.: 146 - 151


27. CFD Analysis Fireball Associated with an Aircraft Crash  

Authors: Ashish V. Shelke, Bhuvaneshwar Gera, Naresh K. Maheshwari, Ram K. Singh

Page No.: 152 – 167


28. A Review on Biodiesel and its Blends  

Authors: Namdev Gavde, Nawal Gandhi, Dr. Ashokkumar Vangire

Page No.: 168 – 170


29. Maglev Train a Competitive Technology for Rail Transportation  

Authors: Shubham Bhargude, Tejas Bhandare, Tanay Gidde, Anilkumar Sathe

Page No.: 171 – 174


30. Conditions Affecting the Propeller-Engine Dynamics of a Marine Vessel  

Authors: Ronak Prasad Dhongde, Anuj Ambrish Shahade

Page No.: 175 – 179


31. Direct Shift Gear Transmission  

Authors: Mr. Pranav Rathi, Prof. A. J. Patil

Page No.: 180 – 184


32. Active Suspension Geometric Control System for Camber Angle  

Authors: Mahesh Hinge, Shyam Borade, Mahesh Jadhav, Yashkumar Akude

Page No.: 185 – 188


33. Review on the Study of Abnormal Braking in Trains  

Authors: Jayesh Bodare, S. B. Mane Deshmukh

Page No.: 189 – 195


34. Design and Manufacturing of Self Inflating Tire System  

Authors: Mahendra Kagane, Prathamesh Halande, Mayur Chaure, Rakshit Tambe ,Abhijit Bugade

Page No.: 196 – 202


35. A Review-Weight Reduction in Automobile Bodies Using Magnesium Alloys  

Authors: Mr. Mohit Mahajan, Prof. S. K. Malave

Page No.: 203 – 210


36. Design and Development of Pneumatic Bumper with Automatic Braking System  

Authors: Tejsinh Pisal, Akshay Patil, Sanyukta Chaudhari, Utkarsha Khomane, Ashish Umbarkar

Page No.: 211 – 218


37. Development of Dual Clutch Transmission System by Considering Various Working Parameters  

Authors: Sagar Chaudhari, Vaibhav Bansode

Page No.: 219 – 221


38. Trends in Continuously Variable Transmission System: A Literature Review  

Authors: Rushikesh Chaware, Prof. V. H. Bansode

Page No.: 222 – 226


39. Design Analysis and Optimization of Automotive Brake Pedal  

Authors: Miss. Ashwini N. Gawande, Prof. G. E. Kondhalkar

Page No.: 227 – 232


40. Design and Development of 90 Degree Steering System  

Authors: Mandar Harer, Vaibhav Desai, Ajay Gawali, Kirtiman Chavan, Vishal Aradhye

Page No.: 233 – 239


41. Experimental Investigation of Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Cycle for Automobile Cabin Cooling  

Authors: Ajinkya Shinde, Ankita Dale, Sanket Shrotri, Shubham Mulay, Prof. Sahadev Jadhav

Page No.: 240 – 247


42. Optimization of Displacement Sensitive Twin Tube Shock Absorber  

Authors: Manoranjan Arun Jadhav, Prof. S. B. Belkar

Page No.: 248 – 251


43. Comparative Analysis of Exhaust Emission Using Conventional and Blended Fuels  

Authors: Sanket S. Chikshe, Ranjeet D. Ghavate, Yashwant G. Mokhede

Page No.: 252 – 256


44. Design, Analysis & Optimization of Truck chassis- Rail & Cross member  

Authors: Mr. Jinto Joju Thaikkattil, Gayatri Patil

Page No.: 257 – 263


45. Performance Improvement of Si Engine by using Blend of Oxy-Hydrogen Gas with Gasoline Fuel  

Authors: Ruturaj Bichkar, Rohit Jadhav, Vishal Kalyankar

Page No.: 264 – 270


46. Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of Front Wheel Assembly of Formula Student Race Car  

Authors: Kunal Vispute, Krushanu Nakade, Abhiraj Uttarwar, Rahul Deshmukh, Surendrasingh Sonaye

Page No.: 271 – 275


47. Design and Failure Analysis of Motorcycle MAG Wheel  

Authors: Rohan Kuduchkar, Siddharth Anvekar, Siddharth Jadhav, Shridhar Patil, Mahesh Kori

Page No.: 276 – 281


48. Braking System with Pneumatic Bumper  

Authors: Mr. Piyush Walke, Mr. Shubham Ankolikar, Mr. Ajinkya Mahajan, Mr. Rishiekesh Karanjkar, Prof. G. B. Firame

Page No.: 282 – 286


49. Study of Sensors for Automobile Safety with Automated Road Transport: A Review  

Authors: Gunjan S. Sant

Page No.: 287 – 291


50. Evaluation in Regenerative Breaking Its Energy Efficiency and Its Advantages in Electric Vehicles  

Authors: Ashutosh Vijay Rajput, Prof. R. S. Sewane

Page No.: 292 – 297


51. A Review on Design and Manufacturing of Aqua Silencer  

Authors: Abhishek Neve, Achyut Khude, Shaibaz Mujawar, Amol Mulge

Page No.: 298 – 301


52. Exhaust Emission Reduction in Two-Wheeler by Pre Heating Method  

Authors: Pratik Khomane, Shubham Khivansara, Hrishikesh Khairnar, Siddharth Katkar, Prof. R. R. Yenare

Page No.: 302 – 306


53. Review on Study of Experimental Investigation on the Performance of Zero Pollution Air Powered Engine  

Authors: Dinesh Ahire, Swapnil Patil, Vivek Kale, Dr. A. P. Pandhare

Page No.: 307 – 311


54. Design of Pneumatic Rotary Actuator Spur Pinion in Worst Loading Condition with Different Material  

Authors: Mr. Prashant Vavhal, Prof. Kiran More, Prof. N.R. Jadhao

Page No.: 312 – 317


55. Wear Behavior of Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloys at Elevated Temperatures  

Authors: Mr. Abhishek Dabb, Mr. Aniket Phatangare, Mr. Dipak Shelar

Page No.: 318 – 324


56. Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Glass and Jute Reinforced Composite  

Authors: V. G. Galande, D. S. Chaudhari

Page No.: 325 –330


57. Fatigue Failure in Different Types of Ni-Ti Alloy  

Authors: Pranav Ratnaparkhi, A. J. Patil, Pankaj Raut

Page No.: 331 – 333


58. Study of Effect of Nanofluid on Performance of Heat Pipe  

Authors: Hrishikesh Hinge, Nilesh Dhokane, Surendra Barhatte

Page No.: 334 – 339


59. Preparation of Polyphenylenesulfide (PPS)/Clay Nano Composite and Its Characterisation  

Authors: Sushant D. Sale, Umesh C. Rajmane, RoshanD.Gadve, Jaydeep M. Khade

Page No.: 340 – 346


60. Study of Vibrational Behavior of Smart Composite Plates  

Authors: Mr. Hemant D. Sarode, Dr. K. B. Waghulde, Mr. Kewal D. Sarode

Page No.: 347 – 354


61. Stress Analysis of Spur Gear by using Different Materials: A Review  

Authors: Ms. Nilesha U. Patil, Mr. Sunil P. Chaphalkar, Mr. Gajanan L. Chaudhari

Page No.: 355 – 363


62. Strength Analysis of Hybrid Joint by FEA  

Authors: Ms. Kamal M. Dalvi, Prof. K.H. Munde, Prof. S.P. Chaphalkar

Page No.: 364 – 370


63. Experimental Study of Convective Heat Transfer Augmentation of a Radiator using ZnO-Water Nanofluids a Review  

Authors: Ajinkya Pathare, Dr. A. P. Pandhare

Page No.: 371 – 376


64. Implementation of Maglev Turbine and Solar Power for Streetlights and CCTV  

Authors: Shrinivas Akangire, Ganesh Borse, Mangesh Dalvi, Rushikesh Dhanwate

Page No.: 377 – 381


65. Design and Temperature Analysis on Heat Exchanger with TEMA Standard Codes  

Authors: Adesh Dhope, Omkar Desai, Prof. V. Verma

Page No.: 382 – 388


66. Design, Development & Testing of Nocturnally Cooled VCC Assisted Evaporative Cooler  

Authors: Saurabh Chavan, Shreeraj Shivarkar, Swanand Tanksale, Milind Kulkarni

Page No.: 389 – 393


67. Experimental Analysis of Heating and Cooling Effect in Household Refrigeration System  

Authors: Shreyas Golegaonkar, Ranjeet Kadam, Anilkumar Sathe

Page No.: 394 – 400


68. Effect of Inclination Angle on Temperature Characteristics of Water in-Glass Evacuated Tubes  

Authors: Sheetal kanthekar, Priya Rai, A. V. Joshi

Page No.: 401 – 408


69. Hoisting Mechanism for Loading and Unloading of Mechanical Components  

Authors: Rahul tanpure, Pravin Shinde, Dnyaneshwar Shinde, Umesh Rothe, P. P. Kharche

Page No.: 409 – 414


70. Design and Analysis of Twin Screw Conveyor  

Authors: Sanket Patil, Shashank Saoji, Ajinkya Shahane, Pratik Phadatare

Page No.: 415 – 418



72. Heat Transfer Enhancement in Heat Exchanger using Twisted Tape Inserts: A Review  

Authors: Divyesh Prafulla Ubale

Page No.: 425 – 428


73. Performance Analysis of Swiss Roll Combustor by Varying its Dimensions using CFD  

Authors: Abhineet kumar, Aniket Gangakhedkar, Priyanka Deshmukh, Bhavika Agrawal

Page No.: 429 – 432


74. Spring Loaded Liquid Column Ball Damper for Vibration Control with Forced Vibration  

Authors: Abhishek Gupta, Manoj Kakulate, Ashish Jopale

Page No.: 433 – 439


75. Design and Manufacturing of Humanoid Robot  

Authors: Mayur K Pawar, Rohan Ramteke, Kedar Uttarwar, Himanshu Mohare

Page No.: 440 - 443


76. Effect of Branched Film Cooling Holes on Creep Life of Gas Turbine Blade using Larson Miller Parameter  

Authors: Sharad Tapse, Aditya Deshmukh, Rohan Bhosale,Sanket Gadhave, M. J. Naidu

Page No.: 444 – 452


77. Modification of the Float of the Dines Pressure Tube Anemometer  

Authors: Akshay Pacharne, Kunal Patil, Avinash Patil, Nitin Waman, Sandip Shinde

Page No.: 453 – 456


78. Analyze Air Flow Uniformity over the Condenser Face with ‘V’ Arrangement for Air Cooled Water Chiller: - CFD Simulation  

Authors: Udhhav Nimbalkar, Nitin Gulhane, Anil kumbhar

Page No.: 457 – 463


79. Review on study of Reverse Engineering in Mechanical  

Authors: Pooja Adate, Prof. Amar Pandhare

Page No.: 464 – 470


80. Automation of Bearing Modelling and Drafting using CATIA – VBA Approach  

Authors: Yashwant Mokhede, Sanket Chikshe, Ranjeet Ghavate

Page No.: 471 – 477


81. Optimization of Knuckle Joint by using FEA  

Authors: Ms. Nilesha U. Patil, Mrs. Rupali S. Sewane, Mr. Kashinath H. Munde

Page No.: 478 – 484


82. Experimental Investigation of Surface Roughness Parameter of 25mm Thick Ss304 using Abrasive Waterjet Machine  

Authors: Akshay Bharate, Sagar Bhagwat, Akshay Chavan, Rushikesh Bande, Aniket Jadhav

Page No.: 485 – 492


83. Review on Design and Development of Vibration Test Rig  

Authors: Prof. S. K. V Mutha, Saurabh Metkar, Akshay Kothawade, Anish Pandey, Vipul Bhole

Page No.: 493 – 497


84. Design of Treadmill to Generate Electricity by using Mechanical Energy  

Authors: Mr. Sourabh Borchate, Amit Gaikwad, Ajay Jadhav, Prasad Dhage

Page No.: 498 – 505


85. Design and Analysis of Spiral Path Single Actuator Solar Tracking System to Maximize Solar Panel Output  

Authors: Abhishek Nandkishore Kode, Sagar Vishnurao Wankhede

Page No.: 506 – 512


86. Design and Development of Linear and Rotary Flexural Mechanism  

Authors: Utsav Kothari, Vyankatesh Awasare, Tushar Londhe, Sonu Gofane ,Mr. Sandesh B Solepatil ,Dr.Suhas P Deshmukh

Page No.: 513 – 519


87. Effect of Nanoparticle Size on Heat Transfer Intensification  

Authors: Vivekanand Limbaji Khatke, Manil Rathi, V. L. Bhanavase, A. J. Patil

Page No.: 520 – 526


88. Design of 2-Axis Cartesian Gantry Robot for Connecting Rod Handling in Final Gauging and Grading Application  

Authors: Mugdha Phadtare, Renukalaxmi Dudhe, Snehal Shitole, A. M. Ekatpure

Page No.: 527 – 531


89. Design and Optimization of the Industrial Torqueing Solution  

Authors: Mr. R. S. Yadav, Mr. Ajinkya Ramdasi, Mr. Aditya Ranade

Page No.: 532 – 538


90. Use of Heat Pipes and Thermoelectric Generator System for Waste Heat Recovery and Power Generation  

Authors: Rohit S. Raut, Sachin V. Rathod

Page No.: 539 – 542


91. Reducing the Temperature of Machining Tool by using Heat Pipe  

Authors: Krushna Hambre, Vaibhav Gharge, Sanket Wani, Shubham Aher, Prof. A. V. Joshi

Page No.: 543 – 547


92. Taguchi Optimization Approach for Investigation of Draw Dies Parameters for Reduction of Material Thinning using FEA  

Authors: Chetan D. Kale, D. S. Chaudhari, Kagade Sunil

Page No.: 548 – 554


93. Review on Study of Waste Edible Oil as A Biofuel on Diesel Engine.  

Authors: Vedant S. Zanpure, Vinay S. Kadam, Deepali Bansode, Dipika Shinde, S. H. Bobade

Page No.: 555 – 558


94. Selection and Placement of Anti Vibration Mounts Under A Compressor Skid and Verification of Result using FEA  

Authors: Madhura Borole, Rucha Boid, Aditya Darak, Mukul Chaudhary, Dr.Amar P. Pandhare

Page No.: 559 – 563


95. Pressure Intensity on Conical and Rounded Components in Needle Valves  

Authors: Prachi Pansare, Alphiya Tamboli

Page No.: 564 – 571


96. Hydraulic Spring Stiffness Testing Machine  

Authors: Nagre N. P., Bhosale M.S., Prof. Patil S. C

Page No.: 572 – 576


97. Analysis of Diesel Generator Control Panel using Finite Element Method  

Authors: Amar R. Kadam, Dr. Sanjay B. Zope

Page No.: 577 – 581


98. Study of Magnetic Refrigerator Based on AMR Cycle  

Authors: Hardik V. Shah, Rahul M. Shahapure, Prof. P. D. Menghani, Prof. V. P. Sawant

Page No.: 582 – 588


99. Save Electric Energy of Heating Coil of Water by Water Treatment  

Authors: Mandhare M. D., Dr. Uttarwar S. S, Prof. Kathwate S. D.

Page No.: 589 – 592


100. By Changing Design of Radiator and Observe Output Cooling Effect  

Authors: Kalase R. S., Dr. Uttarwar S.S, Prof. Kathwate S.D.

Page No.: 593 – 595


101. Finding Out Maximum Output Solar Tilt Angle for Effective Steam Generation  

Authors: Kardile S. K., Dr. Uttarwar S. S, Prof. Kathwate S. D.

Page No.: 596 – 599


102. Stress Analysis and Strength Evaluation of Scarf Adhesive Joints Subjected To Bending Moments  

Authors: Pradnya K. Bhuse, Priyanka M. Mane, Priyanka D. Bhagat

Page No.: 600 –604




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