Conference Issue: Track 3 Mech Papers

International Conference On Emanations in Modern Technology and Engineering (ICEMTE 2017) 04 - 05 March, 2017, Organized by:- " Shree L.R.Tiwari College Of Engg, Kanakia Park, Mira Road(E),Thane"

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Design of Multilayer High Pressure Vessel  

Authors: Pembharthi Damodhar, Abhijit Samanta

Page No.: 01 - 03


2. Flow Studies of Mixed-Flow Compressor Impeller at Designed and Off-Design Condition  

Authors: Vishal Doshi, Prof. Dinesh Kamble, Emandi Rajesh

Page No.: 04 - 08


3. Effect of Different Parameter on the Performance of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger  

Authors: Mrs. Yogita U. Yerne, Mr. Dhiraj R.Singh

Page No.: 09 - 11


4. Development of performance measures and Evaluation for The Environment Management in Indian Industries  

Authors: V S Bhaskarwar, Dr.S.R.Reddy

Page No.: 12 - 14


5. Crack Propagation Path In The Tooth Foot Of Spur Gear By Using LEFM And FEM  

Authors: Rita P. Sadanshiv, Dr. S. S. Deshmukh, Tushar G. Katratwar

Page No.: 15 - 19


6. A Review Paper on study of parameters for increasing the performance of Vortex Tube  

Authors: Shivram Poojari, Rex Colaco

Page No.: 20 - 22


7. Weight Optimization of Valve by Value Engineering for Sustainability  

Authors: Satish M. Silaskar, Vilas B. Shinde

Page No.: 23 - 27


8. Prediction of Axial Loads and Life of Bearings of the Spindle System through ANSYS Programming Approach  

Authors: Manoj K, Dr. S S Deshmukh, Prof. T. G. Katratwar

Page No.: 28 - 31


9. Analysis of Production Processes in a Small Scale Foundry Industry  

Authors: Prem S. Kukreja, Dr. A. G. Matani, Dr. S.K. Doifode

Page No.: 32 - 34


10. A Metallurgical Study of Spot Weld Growth on Mild Steel and Stainless Steel with 0.8 MM and 1 MM Thicknesses  

Authors: P. P. Choughule, U. R. Solse, A. K. Biradar

Page No.: 35 - 39


11. Investigation of Innovation in Carbon Black Manufacturing in the realm of Green Environment  

Authors: Sunil Satav, Dr.Vivek Yakkundi, Vipul Govindrao Badhe, Archana Gaikwad

Page No.: 40 - 43


12. Study on Theo-Jansen Four Leg Walking Robot  

Authors: Swapnil S. Dange, Amol M. Jadhav, Kiran P. Bharambe, Suraj K. Chaudhari

Page No.: 44 - 47


13. Appraise of Recent Development and Innovation in Four Wheel Steering System  

Authors: Milind S. Deotale, Varun Yeole, Varun Shrotri, Sunil K. Yadav

Page No.: 48 - 50


14. A Systematic Approach To Segregate Different Products Using Machine Vision System  

Authors: Ajinkya Rajhans, Jay Kesarkar, Akshay Ashok Ruikar

Page No.: 51 - 54


15. Study on influence of Sample Thickness and Thermo Physical Properties on Convective Drying of Vegetables  

Authors: Pratik Priya, Dr. S.S. Bhusnoor, Algonda S. Desai

Page No.: 55 - 58


16. A Review on Design and Development of Aqua Silencer  

Authors: Vikas Kachare, Venkatesh Kannan, Prashant Taware, Pratik Ghayal

Page No.: 59 - 64


17. Design, Modeling and CFD Analysis of EGR Cooler for Future Emission Norms of Diesel Engine  

Authors: Siddhesh C.Karanje, Dr. S.S. Bhusnoor

Page No.: 65 - 71


18. Effect of Particle-Size and Air Flow Rates on the Ignition Temperature of Sub-Bituminous Coal  

Authors: Ms. Amruta Gokhale, Mr. Shashank Shetty, Mr. Sanjay Bokade

Page No.: 72 - 77


19. Waste Heat Recovery on IC Engines Using Organic Rankine Cycle  

Authors: Mr. Shashank Shetty, Ms. Amruta Gokhale, Mr. Sanjay Bokade

Page No.: 78 - 83


20. The Critical Assessment of Cloud Manufacturing Technology and Future Trends  

Authors: Aditya Narayan Samant, V. S. Narwane, Irfan A. Siddavatam

Page No.: 84 - 87


21. Study on Performance Characteristics of Thermodenuder and Using It to Control Vapor Emission for Engine Exhaust  

Authors: Garvjeet Singh, Dr. S.S. Bhusnoor

Page No.: 88 - 92


22. Analysis to Approach Minimization of Defects in Small Scale Foundry Industry  

Authors: Govind Narayan Singh, Dr. A. G. Matani

Page No.: 93 - 97


23. A Review Paper on Design Analysis of Hybrid Leaf Spring  

Authors: Magesh kumar, Prof. Ankush k Biradar

Page No.: 98 - 102


24. Lifting Based Wavelet Transform for Lossy to Lossless Image Coding  

Authors: Mr. W. B. Pahurkar, Prof. Ms. V. S. Sakharkar, Prof. Ms. A. B. Pahurkar, Prof. Vivek I. Akolkar

Page No.: 103 - 108


25. Thermo-Analysis of Friction Welding on High Density Polyethylene Sheets as a Single Point-A Review  

Authors: Anup N Chavan, Shafee Sab Habeeb, Magesh Kumar

Page No.: 109 - 114


26. A Review on Mechanical Behavior of Aluminium Metal with Different Reinforcing Materials  

Authors: Swapnil Shankar Mukadam, Prof. Tushar G. Katratwar

Page No.: 115 - 118


27. Automated Irrigation Systems towards Optimum Water Resources Utilization  

Authors: Dr. Ashok G. Matani, Abhijeet B. Deshmukh, Nikhil S. Mattani

Page No.: 119 - 120


28. An Overview of Ignition Delay and Combustion of Biodiesel Fuelled in CI Engine  

Authors: Pradeep T. Kale, S. S. Ragit

Page No.: 121 - 126


29. Go Kart Steering Design and analysis  

Authors: Mohd. Arif I. Upletawala, Ansari Rehab Nafees

Page No.: 127 - 131


30. Modification of Shell Type Heat Exchanger to Helical Baffle Heat Exchanger  

Authors: Pokkalath Anjali Shivdas, Siddharth Saindane

Page No.: 132 - 135


31. Evaluation of Friction Stir Spot Welded of Single Joints  

Authors: Shafee Sab Habeeb, Prof. Tushar Katratwar

Page No.: 136 - 140


32. Theoretical Analysis of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger for Waste Heat Recovery from Diesel Engine Exhaust  

Authors: Shinde Prasad S, Dr S.S. Bhusnoor

Page No.: 141 - 145


33. Hectronic : Fuel Management System  

Authors: Archit Mehta

Page No.: 146 - 147


34. Effect of Process Parameters on MRR of Cylindrical Grinding  

Authors: Kiran M. Thorve, Dhiraj R. Singh, Yogita Yerne

Page No.: 148 - 151


35. Energy Potential Assessment Using Electrolysis from Animal Waste  

Authors: Himanshu Raghav, Dr. Santosh Dalvi, Raviraj Ahire

Page No.: 152 - 154


36. Theoretical Study on Influence of Exhaust Gas and Coolant Flow Rate on Heat Recovery of Engine Exhaust by Using Fin and Tube Heat Exchanger  

Authors: Sarang Chavan, Dr. S.S. Bhusnoor

Page No.: 155 - 160


37. Improvement in Design & Development of Multi-Spindle Drilling Head Machine  

Authors: Prof. Vivek I. Akolkar, Prof. Vikas I. Somankar, Prof. M. M. Patil

Page No.: 161 - 165


38. Optimization and Analysis of Process Parameters for the machining of INCOLOY 800HT on EDM using electrode of different material: A Review  

Authors: Gaurav kumar, Asst. Prof. M. J. Deshmukh

Page No.: 166 - 169


39. Optimization of Metal Injection Moulding Process Parameters using ANOVA method: A Review  

Authors: Shrikant Udapure, Asst. Prof. M. J. Deshmukh

Page No.: 170 - 172


40. Study and Analysis of Lean Techniques in Indian Industry  

Authors: Mr.Girish Deshmukh, Prof.(Dr.)Chandrakant Ramesh Patil

Page No.: 173 - 176


41. Review Paper on Air-Conditioner Using Peltier Effect  

Authors: Abhijit Samanta, Vikash Agrawal

Page No.: 177 - 179


42. A Review on Multi Objective Optimization of CNC End Milling Parameters  

Authors: Deepika Prasad, Aditya R. Prabhukhot, Vijay Kapre

Page No.: 180 - 182


43. Design and Development of Multi-Spindle Drilling Head (MSDH) Machine using ANSYS: A Review  

Authors: Vivek Akolkar, Durgeshkumar Pal, Roshan Mishra, Vikashkumar Agrawal

Page No.: 183 - 185


44. Effect of Artificial Roughness Geometries on Thermo-Hydraulic Efficiency of Solar Air Heater  

Authors: Surendra Agrawal, J.L. Bhagoria

Page No.: 186 - 206


45. Experimental Analysis & Optimization of Machining Parameters of Al-7020 Aluminium Alloy in CNC End Milling By Use of Taguchi  

Authors: Vikas Dwivedi, M.J. Deshmukh

Page No.: 207 - 209


46. Design and Development for Three Wheeler Chassis  

Authors: Manish M. Patil

Page No.: 210 - 217


47. Ignition Timing Investigation On The Performance And Emissions Of Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled With Gasoline  

Authors: Waibhaw H. Meshram, S.P.Chincholkar, Vikas I. Somankar, Dr. J. G. Suryawanshi

Page No.: 218 - 222