Conference Issue: Track 6 Papers

International Conference on "Advances in Engineering & Technology (ICAET– 2015)"

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Emission dynamics of some green house gases and criteria pollutants in Indian perspective  

Authors: Pijush Basak, Sumit Nandi

Page No.: 001 - 007


2. Influence of crosslinked PMMA on crosslinked PVC for modification of its properties  

Authors: Rupa Bhattacharyya, Sumit Nandi

Page No.: 008 - 011


3. Effect of LiCl Doping on Transport Properties of PTh-PEO Polymer Composite  

Authors: P. D. Shirbhate, S V Pakade, S P Yawale

Page No.: 012 - 014



5. A parametric study for the enzymatic extraction of rice bran oil  

Authors: Sumit Nandi, Rupa Bhattacharyya

Page No.: 021 - 025


6. Growth & Study of Pure and SR Grown Glycine doped Ammonium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate Crystal  

Authors: Ms. Arsala Sheikh, Dr. K. G. Rewatkar, Mr. Zamir Khan

Page No.: 026 - 029


7. Electrical Characterization of Nanocrystalline CdS Thin Films in PVA Matrix.  

Authors: Ankita R. Karule, Shrikrishna P. Yawale

Page No.: 030 - 036


8. Structural Characterization of Lead Sulphide Doped Lithium Borate Glasses  


Page No.: 037 - 040


9. Synthesis, stability and thermal conductivity of Al-Cu nano composite and its water based nanofluid  

Authors: Ramakoteswara Rao.N, Leena Govind Gahane, Ranganayakulu S.V, Subbarayudu.B

Page No.: 041 - 044


10. Synthesis and Anti-bacterial Studies of Gold Nanoparticles from Eclipta prostrata  

Authors: V. Swaminadham, N. P. S. Acharyulu , Y.Nagendra Sastry, B. S. Diwakar, Ramakoteswara Rao.N

Page No.: 045 - 048


11. Synthesis, Characterization And Semiconducting Studies of Salicylaldehyde-Formaldehyde Melamine Copolymers  

Authors: Sonali S.Pande, Prof.W.B.Gurnule

Page No.: 049 - 052


12. Photoluminescence of un-doped Sr2CeO4 and Eu3+ doped Sr2CeO4 phosphor  

Authors: D.R.Taikar, C.P.Joshi, S.V.Moharil

Page No.: 053 - 055



14. Pyrazole Derivatives and their Synthesis - A review  

Authors: Suchita Nimbalkar, Shital V. Hote

Page No.: 061 - 065


15. Synthesis of some Pyrazolines and their derivatives-A review  

Authors: Suchita Nimbalkar1 Shital P. Bhoyar

Page No.: 066 - 071


16. Thermoelastic behavior of a Thin Circular Functionally Graded Material (FGM) Disk Subjected to Thermal Loads  

Authors: Nitin Chandel, Vijay R Manthena, Navneet Kumar Lamba

Page No.: 072 - 074


17. Zeolite-X Derived From Fly Ash Collected from Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station  

Authors: Ragini Patila, Rajendra Dongrea

Page No.: 075 - 079


18. Synthesis, Characterization, Morphology and Chelation Ion-Exchange Properties of a Copolymer Resin-II  

Authors: W. B. Gurnule, Vaishali R. Bisen, Mudrika Ahamed

Page No.: 080 - 085



20. Comparisons of Non specific Health Symptoms Faced by Inhabitants Exposed to High and Low Power Density from Mobile Phone Tower Radiation  

Authors: Lalrinthara Pachuau, Zaithanzauva Pachuau, Zothansiama

Page No.: 094 - 098


21. Conduct metric Studies on the Thermal Effects on Micellization Behavior of CTAB in Aqueous Medium  

Authors: NarimanFirdaus, Dr. S.K.Chatterjee

Page No.: 099 - 101


22. A Quadruple Coincidence Point Theorem for Two Mappings for Implicit Relation Satisfying O-Compatible Condition  

Authors: Anushri A. Aserkar1, Manjusha P. Gandhi

Page No.: 102 - 110


23. Gender Inequality in India: A Mathematical Relationship  

Authors: Omkar Lal Shrivastava, Sumita Shrivastava

Page No.: 111 - 122


24. Preparation and characterization of Barium iron niobate (BFN)  

Authors: Tanveer Quazi, Kamal Singh, Shahin Sayyed

Page No.: 123 - 128


25. Ecomark Indicators in India  

Authors: Dr. Prajakta U. Waghe, Dr. M.D. Choudhary, Dr. N.S. Raman

Page No.: 129 - 136




28. Enamel paint based on short oil alkyd  

Authors: Dr. S. A. Petkar, Mr. P.V. Dhopte

Page No.: 149 - 153


29. Topic: Urbanization and Its Effect on Joint Family System In India  

Authors: Ms. Nawaz Khan, Dr. Ms. Nuzhat Rizvi

Page No.: 154 - 156