Conference Issue: Track 5 Papers

International Conference on "Advances in Engineering & Technology (ICAET– 2015)"

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Grid Interconnection of Renewable Energy Sources and Performance Improvement of Power- Quality at Distribution Level  

Authors: Aniket T. Lohar, Rohit G. Ramteke, U. V. Patil

Page No.: 001 - 004


2. Performance Analysis of Power Quality Improvement In Distribution Network Using Shunt Active Power Filter  

Authors: Rohit G. Ramteke, Sandip S. Jadhav

Page No.: 005 - 009



4. A Review on Transmission Congestion Management in Restructured Power System  

Authors: Kunal M. Lokhande, Vinod G. Bhongade, Subroto Dutt

Page No.: 015 - 019


5. Simulation Analysis of Nine Switch Inverter for Induction Motor Drive  

Authors: Sneha Nandankar, G.N.Goyal

Page No.: 020 - 024


6. Investigations on ANPC Multilevel Inverter used for Even loss Balancing  

Authors: Pavan Mehta, Atul Kunapara

Page No.: 025 - 027


7. Parks-Hilbert Transform based Fault classification of Induction Motor  

Authors: A.D. Tekade, A.U Jawadekar

Page No.: 028 - 033


8. Noval Method of Performance Testing of Generator  

Authors: Naval Damle, Chandan Kamble

Page No.: 034 - 039


9. Improved Dynamic PSO for Optimal Reactive Power Flow Control  

Authors: Mr. Altaf Q. H. Badar,Dr. B. S. Umre, Dr. A. S. Junghare

Page No.: 040 - 042


10. Simulation For Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor Drive  

Authors: Ashwani Kumar Raana

Page No.: 043 - 047


11. Soft Start High Frequency Switched Variable Voltage Controlled Induction Motor Drive  

Authors: Komal Ambhorkar, Sayyad Naimuddin, D.R.Tutakne

Page No.: 048 - 051


12. Aircraft Power System: Peculiarities and Simulation  

Authors: Shri Krishan, S.V. Umredkar

Page No.: 052 - 056


13. Comparison of three phase two-level inverter operation with SPWM and SVPWM  

Authors: Runzun Saxena, Mrs.S.C Rangari

Page No.: 057 - 062


14. Design and Simulation of Five-Level Inverter: Simulation Study of Five-Level Inverter  

Authors: Reema Agrawal,P.A. Salodkar

Page No.: 063 - 067


15. Biased Differential Protection Scheme for Transformer Protection Through Micro-Controller Based Relay  

Authors: Kapila Saxena, Prof. V. T. Barhate

Page No.: 068 - 072


16. Implementation of Super-Capacitor on Multilevel Inverter .  

Authors: Amarjeet.S.Pandey, Ketan.S.Chandekar

Page No.: 073 - 077


17. Designing and Analysis of Power System with SFCLModule  

Authors: Priyanka Mahajan, Dr.P.J.Shah

Page No.: 078 - 082


18. Performance of DVR & Distribution STATCOM in Power Systems  

Authors: Akil Ahemad, Prof. Pramod Gadge, Mohammad Safique

Page No.: 083 - 089


19. Active Power Factor Correction using Boost Converter With Fast Transient Response  

Authors: Sujata Nazarkar

Page No.: 090 - 095


20. Stabilization of Voltage in Power System by Using STATCOM  

Authors: Yasmin Ansari, Prof. M.Gaidhane, Mr.K.Sawalakhe

Page No.: 096 - 100


21. Contingency Analysis and Improvement of Power System Security by Placing Series FACTS Device “TCPAR” at Optimal Location.  

Authors: Atiya Naaz L.Sayyed, Nahid Khan, Sheikh Mohd Nawaz

Page No.: 101 - 105


22. Cascading Failure in Power Grid  

Authors: Najma Nasreen Ansari, Mohd Kashif Siddqui, Pramod Gadge

Page No.: 106 - 110


23. A Review On Comparative Analysis Between PI and FUZZY Based STATCOM For Wind Power Application  

Authors: Naushin Majid Khan, Prof. Radharaman Shaha

Page No.: 111 - 115


24. Harmonic Measurement And Mitigation In Variable Frequency Drive: A Case Study  

Authors: Miss. S. S. Mohitkar, Prof. Mrs. M. H. Dhend, Mr. RN. Shriwas

Page No.: 116 - 120


25. Application of DVR for Power Quality Improvement  

Authors: Shabnam Rukhsar, Dr. D.P. Kuthari, Prof. Archana Shirbhate

Page No.: 121 - 125



27. Performance Evaluation of D-Statcom for Voltage Fluctuations in Power Distribution System  

Authors: Shahid Arafat Ansari, Prof. U.V.Reddy

Page No.: 131 - 134


28. Solar Tracking Development using Arduino along with Boost Converter and Charge Controller  

Authors: Ankit Ghate, Rutuja Hiware

Page No.: 135 - 137


29. Study and Simulation of Current Controlled PWM Inverters and their applications  

Authors: Chinmay Harkare, Preeti Kapoor

Page No.: 138 - 142



31. Study and Simulation of Parks Transform PLL for robust single phase grid connected system  

Authors: Manish S Trivedi, Uday B Mujumdar

Page No.: 149 - 152


32. Development of soft switch low voltage high current resonant dc-dc converter  

Authors: Rajeshri S Tiwari, Sangeeta H Deshmukh

Page No.: 153 - 156


33. Design and Development of Wind Charge  

Authors: Mr. Praveen Ingle, Mrs. A. D. Shiralka

Page No.: 157 - 161