Conference Issue: Track 1 Papers

International Conference on "Advances in Engineering & Technology (ICAET– 2015)"

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Review on Novel Protocol for Secure Mining in horizontally Distributed Database  

Authors: Nidhi Kumari, Sonali Bodkhe

Page No.: 01 - 04


2. A Review of Sybil Attack in Mobile Adhoc Network  

Authors: Ms. Yamini D. Malkhede, Prof.Purnima Selokar Ms Yamini D Purnima Prof Selokar .

Page No.: 05 - 08


3. Cloud Computing Framework for Agro – Advisory System  

Authors: Mr. Roshan S. Bhanuse, Mr. Rajesh C. Dharmik

Page No.: 09 - 11


4. Exploring the R Envinronment for Text Mining of Twitter Data  

Authors: Mr. A. R. Ukalkar

Page No.: 12 - 14


5. A Review on Clustering Techniques using Side-Information for Mining  

Authors: Firdous Sadaf M.Ismail, Prof. Amol G. Muley

Page No.: 15 - 17


6. Energy Consumption on Android Phone Web Browsing in 3G network  

Authors: Prof. Prachi Jaini, Prof. Prachi Jaini Prajakta Kulkarni

Page No.: 18 - 21


7. Sentiment Analysis on Social Networking: A Literature Review  

Authors: Prof. Durgesh M. Sharma, Mr. Manish S. Sharma

Page No.: 22 - 27


8. Mitigating Atmospheric Distortion Using Complex Wavelet-Based Fusion in Long Range Surveillance System  

Authors: Ms.Shraddha Agnihotri, Prof.Anil Bende

Page No.: 28 - 32


9. Tracing out Human Body from Image with Implementation of Coarse of Fine Strategy  

Authors: Ms.Priyanka Thakare, Prof.Anil Bende

Page No.: 33 - 37


10. Cloud Based Teaching and Learning Environment for Smart Education  

Authors: Mrs. Snehal Narale, Mrs. S.M.Barhate

Page No.: 38 - 41


11. RFID based security system for Banks  

Authors: Jyoti Jhawar, Amol G. Muley

Page No.: 42 - 45


12. Pattern recognition based techniques for fruit sorting: A survey  

Authors: Jyoti Jhawar, Amol G. Muley

Page No.: 46 - 49


13. Big Data Analytics Tools: A Review  

Authors: V. P. Mahatme, Yogeshwary Sarode, Shital Radke

Page No.: 50 - 53


14. Quality Analysis & Product Management of Agriculture Field using Cloud Computing  

Authors: Vaishali Madane, Abhijeet Bajapayee

Page No.: 54 - 55


15. A Review on Automated One-to-many Data Linkage  

Authors: Shahid Anwar, Prof Rushi Longadge, Prof Deepak Kapgate

Page No.: 56 - 59


16. Using Location Services in Android And Track Mobile And User Information  

Authors: Venu Sahu, Mr. Bhupesh Kumar Dewangan

Page No.: 60 - 61


17. Big Data Issues and Challenges  

Authors: Mrs. Sneha Gupta, Mr. Manoj S. Chaudhari

Page No.: 62 - 67



19. Hole Detection and Healing for Improving Coverage in WSNs  

Authors: Renuka Kadu, Prachi Jaini

Page No.: 70 - 73


20. Extended Scheme of Visual Secret Sharing for Digital Images  

Authors: Khemutai K. Tighare, Chetan Bawankar

Page No.: 74 - 76


21. Tamper Protection for High-Efficiency Video  

Authors: Ms. Bhagyashri L. Gabhane, Mrs. Leena H. Patil, Mr. Praful V. Barekar

Page No.: 77 - 80


22. A Survey on Crypto-Steganography  

Authors: Shristi Mishra, Ms.Prateeksha pandey

Page No.: 81 - 84


23. A Survey Paper On Single Image Dehazing  

Authors: Vinkey Sahu, Mrs.Manjusha Singh

Page No.: 85 - 88


24. Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Image using Visual Cryptography  

Authors: Nuzhat Ansari, Prof. Rahila Shaikh

Page No.: 89 - 92


25. Green Computing: The approaches to Go Green  

Authors: B.A.Deshpande, Rasika Kuware

Page No.: 93 - 95


26. A Survey Paper on Image Retrieval Based on Colour Feature  

Authors: Suraksha Ransingh, Mrs Manjusha Singh

Page No.: 96 - 98


27. Effective Method for Image Classification with view Consistency Using Genetic Algorithm  

Authors: Dnyaneshwar D. Sonewane, Prof. Amit Pimpalkar

Page No.: 99 - 101


28. HealthCare Monitoring and Alerting System Using Cloud Computing  

Authors: Jubi Rana (Author), Abhijeet Bajpayee (Author)

Page No.: 102 - 105


29. Retinal Disease Diagnosis by AVR calculation on Retinal Images  

Authors: Minakshee K. Chandankhede, Prof.Leena H. Patil, Prof.Praful V. Barekar

Page No.: 106 - 109


30. A System To Provide Efficient Recommendation Based On Side Information Clustering- A Review  

Authors: Nikita P.Katariya, Prof. M. S. Chaudhari

Page No.: 110 - 113


31. Gist Generation of Hindi Document Using Statistical Method A REVIEW PAPER  

Authors: Mrs. A.N.Pimpalshende, Dr. A.R. Mahajan

Page No.: 114 - 116


32. Skillful Storyteller for Color Commentary in Sports  

Authors: Ms. Amruta Waghulkar , Dr.A.R.Mahajan

Page No.: 117 - 120


33. A Survey of Virtual Machine Placement Algorithms in Cloud Computing Environment  

Authors: Yuvaraj B R, K. Palanivel

Page No.: 121 - 126


34. Video Magnification for Revealing Subtle Temporal Variations  

Authors: Mayur Khante, Kishor K. Bhoyar

Page No.: 127 - 131


35. A Sketch Based Face Matching Approach for IR and Optical Images Using CFDA  

Authors: Sujata M. Kullarkar, Anjali R. Mahajan

Page No.: 132 - 135


36. Analyzing and Optimizing Power Consumption for Android Based Devices .  

Authors: Mr. Abhay R. Rewatkar, Mr. Gajanan Patle, Ms.Titiksha Bhagat

Page No.: 136 - 138


37. Secured Collaboration in Multicloud Computing with End to End Data Protection  

Authors: Ruchika Chaudhari

Page No.: 139 - 142


38. Association Rules Mining in Distributed Databases  

Authors: Shubhangi A. Ramteke

Page No.: 143 - 146


39. Review on Contrast Enhancement Techniques: Depth Perspective  

Authors: Mr. Ashish B. Umredkar, Prof. A. R. Mahajan

Page No.: 147 - 150


40. Design and structure of Tools for the Removal and Replacement of Engine Valve Stem Seals: A Review  

Authors: Mr.Swapnil.S.Marathe , Mr. N. Y. Mohite

Page No.: 151 - 154


41. Particle Filter Based Object Tracking  

Authors: Sanjay S. Sakharkar, S.D.Kamble, Dr. A.S.Khobragade

Page No.: 155 - 158


42. Compressive Tracking With Heavy Occlusion Avoidance - A Review  

Authors: Jayashree Baskaran, Pradheeba Ulaganathan

Page No.: 159 - 164


43. Betterment of Fingerprint Template Protection Schemes – A Review  

Authors: Pradheeba Ulaganathan, Jayashree Baskaran

Page No.: 165 - 171


44. Security Increases with Kerberos in Graphical User Authentication System  

Authors: Ms. Preeti Ramtekkar, Mrs. Leena H. Patil, Mrs. Uma patel

Page No.: 172 - 174


45. Multimodality fusion based on LBP for Image retrieval  

Authors: Ms. Vaishali B. Khobragade, Mrs. Leena H. Patil, Mrs. Uma Patel

Page No.: 175 - 177


46. A Hybrid of Apriori and FP Tree on Association Rule Mining  

Authors: Vidisha H. Zodape , Prof. Leena H. Patil

Page No.: 178 - 183


47. Extended Text and Color Based Session Password Security against Shoulder Surfing and Spyware  

Authors: Ms.Kiran P. Lokhande Ms.Vimmi Gajbhiye

Page No.: 184 - 188


48. Proficient Technique for Backup and Restore Data in Android  

Authors: Pratap P.Nayadkar, Balu L.Parne

Page No.: 189 - 192


49. Discrete Wavelet Transforms Algorithm Used for Automatic Signature Authentication  

Authors: Ms.Prajakta Randive, A.S. Sambare

Page No.: 193 - 195


50. A Review on Efficient Data Transmission in Wireless Relay Networks using Beamforming  

Authors: Megha G. Paserkar, Shrikant D. Zade

Page No.: 196 - 199


51. Phishing Detection using Text, Image and Tag Classification Approach  

Authors: Pankaj H. Gawale, D. R. Patil

Page No.: 200 - 204


52. Web Spam Detection using Link ,Content and Reovery Degree Features  

Authors: Rahul C. Patil, D.R. Patil

Page No.: 205 - 208


53. Survey on Touch less Computer Control System Using Hand Gesture Recognition  

Authors: Ms.Hemlata S.Bondre, Prof.Jagdish Pimple

Page No.: 209 - 213


54. Lane Change Guidance System  

Authors: Ketkee V.Deshpande, M.Tech(CSE),,Prof.S.D.Zade (Asst.Prof.)

Page No.: 214 - 217


55. An Efficient System for Monitoring of Human Body using M2M System with Android  

Authors: Vijay S. Gulhane , Zameshkumar J. Balhare

Page No.: 218 - 222


56. Clustering for web log mining using modified k-means algorithm  

Authors: Miss Ruchika Patil, Prof. Amreen Khan

Page No.: 223 - 227


57. Text Mining in Radiology Reports  

Authors: Ms.Anuradha k. Bodile, Dr.Manali Kshirsagar

Page No.: 228 - 231


58. A Review of Adaptation SVM(A-SVM) in Grid Environment  

Authors: Manjiri V. Kotpalliwar , Prof. Rakhi Wajgi

Page No.: 232 - 236


59. Enhancing efficency of image retrieval using reranking methods  

Authors: Nishant N. Chavan, Deepa Parasar

Page No.: 237 - 240



61. A Review on Different Scheduling Algorithms for Workflows in  

Authors: Mr. Bhushan M. Bhalerao, Mr. Shailendra W. Shende

Page No.: 245 - 248


62. Analysis of Frequent Item sets and Pattern Sets Mining Algorithms  

Authors: Javeriya Naaz Ishtiyaque Syed, Rajeshri R.Shelke

Page No.: 249 - 253


63. EOG Based BCI For Disabled People To Access Electrical Appliances  

Authors: Sanjay P.Pande, Prof.Vaidehi Baporikar

Page No.: 254 - 256


64. Survey on Hybrid IDS for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks  

Authors: Mangesh Bhusari, Ashish Sambare, Sachin Jain

Page No.: 257 - 260


65. Improvement in Accuracy for Information Retrieval Using Text Mining  

Authors: Prashant N. Khetade, Mr.Shashank Moghe, Vinod Nayyar

Page No.: 261 - 263


66. Privacy-preserving Association Rules on Horizontally Partitioned Distributed Data  

Authors: Mohammed Anwarul Siddique, Prof. Garima Singh

Page No.: 264 - 268


67. Recovery of Nodes Failure in Wireless Sensor Network Using CASER Protocol and DARA:Review  

Authors: Roshni M. Bhave, Prof. Vijay Bagdi

Page No.: 269 - 272


68. A Review on Secured SMS Transmission and authentication at user end  

Authors: SandeepKumar Laxman Sahu, Prof Mr Vijay Bagdi(HOD)

Page No.: 273 - 277


69. Impact of Variable Links on Standard Particle Swarm Optimization  

Authors: Mrs Snehal Mohan Kamalapur, Dr. Varsha Hemant Patil

Page No.: 278 - 283


70. Highly Secured Data Encryption in Decentralized Wireless Network  

Authors: Amol G. Dhoke, Prof. P S. Kulkarni

Page No.: 284 - 286


71. Video Steganography Using Pixel Intensity Value and LSB Technique  

Authors: Dr.ManishShrivastava, Richa Ranjanand, SushmitaKumari

Page No.: 287 - 290


72. Data Mining – A necessity for Crime Detection  

Authors: Prof.Neha Mishra, Prof.Pooja Shelke

Page No.: 291 - 294


73. Voice Analysis: Various Computational Techniques  

Authors: Smt. P A Alamelu, Leena Govind Gahane

Page No.: 295 - 300




76. Streamlining the Process of Medical Representative in Pharmaceutical Industry using GPS Technology  

Authors: Mr. Anand Sankhemr, Siddhesh Doiphode, Prof. Sanjay Jadhav

Page No.: 313 - 315


77. Quantifying Response Mechanism Effectiveness of Hybrid Virus Propagation through BT and SMS Channel-A Review  

Authors: Harsha P. Kubade, Deepali M. Khatwar

Page No.: 316 - 318


78. K-Meansusing OpenMP: An Approach  

Authors: Prateek Swamy, Dr. M. M Raghuwanshi, Ashish Gholghate

Page No.: 319 - 322


79. Review On-A Knock Based Security System  

Authors: Ms. Gunjan Jewani, Prof. Shubhangi Borkar

Page No.: 323 - 326


80. Design and Development of Decision Making Model for Spam email Classification Using Neural Network  

Authors: "Ms. Dipalee Patil, Prof. Anil Turukmane

Page No.: 327 - 330


81. Predicting User Behavior using Enhanced Data Mining Approach for Prediction in Smarthome  

Authors: Ms Sonam Sheikh, Prof. Abhijeet Bajpayee

Page No.: 331 - 334


82. Alert Me App!An Android Based Mobile Application To Save Human Life  

Authors: Ritesh Shrivastava, Santosh Kumar Sahu, Mujeeb Rahaman T.

Page No.: 335 - 337


83. Human Computer Interaction Using Hand Data Glove and Wii Remote  

Authors: Prof. Humera N. Syed, Prof. M.S. Khatib, Prof. Kamlesh Kelwade, Prof. Abdul Razzaque

Page No.: 338 - 341


84. PTQL to SQL Query Transformation Using Incremental Information Extraction and RDBMS  

Authors: Vrushali Patil, Prof. R. B. Wagh

Page No.: 342 - 345


85. Study on Enhanced Fault Tolerance in WSAN with Minimal Topology Changes  

Authors: Mr. Perraju P. Tetali, Prof. Garima Singh

Page No.: 346 - 350


86. Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Sensor Networks: A Review  

Authors: Priyanka Gomkar, Rashmi Jain

Page No.: 351 - 355


87. ERP Application for Limestone Mining Industry  

Authors: Suraj Sarda, Toshish Akhand, Sumit Rathod, Khushbu Prajapati, Prof.Bharat Kapse

Page No.: 356 - 358


88. Classification of Controversial News Issues Based on Disputant Relation: A Survey  

Authors: Priya P.Raut, Nitin N.Patil

Page No.: 359 - 362


89. Design and Implementation of Electro-Oculography  

Authors: Prof. Farheena Shaikh,Prof. Naisha Taban Khan, Prof. Qudsiya Naaz, Prof. Saima Zareen Ansari

Page No.: 363 - 367


90. Controlling Traffic Light Signals to Implement Traffic Scheduling Using Density Calculation  

Authors: Farheena Shaikh,Naisha Taban Khan,Saima Zareen Ansari

Page No.: 368 - 372


91. Efficient Scheme for Adaptive Routing in MANETs and Comparing Routing Protocols AODV and DSR  

Authors: Naisha Taban Khan, Saima Zareen Ansari, Farheena Shaikh

Page No.: 373 - 377


92. Comparative Study of various training algorithms of Artificial Neural Networks on Diabetes dataset  

Authors: Sumi Alice Saji, Balachandran K

Page No.: 378 - 382


93. Clipboard Oraganizer And Manager-For Windows Platform  

Authors: Pratik R. Tambekar

Page No.: 383 - 386


94. Current Data Mining Trends, Techniques ,Applications and Issues  


Page No.: 387 - 390


95. Analysis of User Authentication Methods & Impact on Identification Especially in Banking  

Authors: Abdul Samad Shaikh, Mohammed Waseem Ashfaque

Page No.: 391 - 398


96. The Design of advanced High Performance Encryption Algorithm by using Symmetric Cryptography  

Authors: Prof Surbhi R.Khare, Prof.Syaed Rehan, Prof .P.N.Vithalkar

Page No.: 399 - 403


97. Text Mining Techniques, Applications and Challenging issues  

Authors: Sadia Patka, Nazish Khan, Tasneem Hasan

Page No.: 404 - 408


98. Cross Layer Intrusion Detection Systen in Wireless Ad hoc Network- A Reviwe  

Authors: Trupti K. Marve, Nilesh U. Sambhe

Page No.: 409 - 412


99. Providing Data Security in Cloud Computing Using Elliptical Curve Cryptography  

Authors: Ms. Priyanka Sharda

Page No.: 413 - 417


100. Efficient Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks using Spatial Correlation Algorithm  

Authors: Mr. Amit S. Bhosale, Mr. Sanjay R Khajure, Mr. Manish S. Sharma

Page No.: 418 - 423


101. MLMS Base Information Security in Combination with HLSB Data Hiding Method  

Authors: Ms. Ekata S. Bele, Prof. Chetan Bawankar

Page No.: 424 - 426


102. Identifying Text,Visual Objects of Traffic Panels using Text Detection Algorithm  

Authors: Ms.Shrutika Tingne , Prof.S.D.Zade , Prof.P.V.Barekar

Page No.: 427 - 429


103. Real Time Traffic Handling Using Ring Broadcasting in VANET  

Authors: Mohammad Almas Ansari, Nazish Khan,

Page No.: 430 - 435


104. A Review on Identity and Access Management for Multitier Cloud Infrastructure by using Kerberos  

Authors: Mr. Merajul Haque Farooqui, Prof. Kemal U. Koche

Page No.: 436-439




107. Intrusion Detection Systems and Security Aspects for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  

Authors: Naveed Zishan, Vikrant Chole

Page No.: 446 - 448


108. Parsing and Compiler design Techniques for Compiler Applications  

Authors: Prof. Rajesh Babu, Prof. Vishal Tiwari, Prof. Jiwan Dehakar

Page No.: 449 - 453


109. Privacy Preserving Data Storage And Auditabillity In Mobile-Access Of Health Data On Clouds  

Authors: Mr. Saquib Ahmed, Prof. jagdish pimple

Page No.: 454 - 458


110. A Survey on Document Clustering For Identifying Criminal  

Authors: Ms. H. N. Gangavane, Prof. Ms. M. C. Nikose

Page No.: 459 - 463


111. An Energy Aware Link Failure Management in Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Sangita Patra, Buddhadeb Sau

Page No.: 464 - 471


112. Performance Evaluation of Channel Assignment In Wireless Network Using Genetic Algorithm  

Authors: Imran Ahmad, Prof. Parmalik Kumar, Prof. Sandeep Singh, Tapesh Bharti

Page No.: 472 - 475


113. Open Cloud-Based PaaS Architecture for Service-Oriented Mobile Robots  

Authors: Petri Oksa, Pekka Loula

Page No.: 476 - 481


114. An Overview of Network Traffic Classification Methods  

Authors: Ms. Zeba Atique Shaikh, Prof.Dr.D.G. Harkut

Page No.: 482 - 488