Conference Issue: Track 4 Mech Papers

Second National Conference on Recent Innovations in Science and Engineering (NCRISE 2017) September 16, 2017 Organized by:- " Mauli Group of Institution's College of Engineering & Technology, Shegaon. "

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Validation and Computational Performance Analysis of Masonic Solar Still in Summer Climate  

Authors: P. D. Besekar

Page No.: 01 - 06


2. Augmentation of Condensation Heat Transfer using Various Enhancement Techniques  

Authors: Prof. Saurabh P. Joshi, Prof. Prashant B. Borakhede

Page No.: 07 - 11


3. An Experimental Investigation of Laser Transformation Hardening of Unalloyed Titanium Using Nd:YAG Laser  

Authors: Dr. Duradundi. Sawant. Badkar

Page No.: 12 - 20


4. Parametric Design and Optimization of a Standard Spur Gear with Circular Fillet using Finite Element Method  

Authors: A. G. Bhatkar, Jayesh S. Deshmukh, Chaitanya P. Wasankar

Page No.: 21 - 26


5. Performance Evaluation of Solar Parabolic Trough Collector Using Two Fluids Water and Ethylene Glycol  

Authors: Roshan. V. Marode, Ketan S. Patil, Abhinav K. Chavan

Page No.: 27 - 32


6. Design of Solar Parabolic Through Collector for Nano-Fluid Applications  

Authors: Roshan. V. Marode, Harish S. Surodkar, Kafeel A. Khan

Page No.: 33 - 36


7. Analysis of EDM Process Parameters on Material Removal Rate of WC  

Authors: Kamalkishor G. Maniyar

Page No.: 37 - 39


8. Review of PCM Technology With Application of Solar Water Heater  

Authors: Saurabh P. Joshi, Harish L. Nimbalkar, Rajatkumar A. Jawlekar

Page No.: 40 - 42


9. Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on Tool Life of HSS Single Point Cutting Tool  

Authors: Anirudha R. Gosavi, Mr. Rajatkumar A. Jawalekar, Mr. Harish L. Nimbalkar

Page No.: 43 - 46


10. Design, Analysis and Re-Modification of Chain Block System  

Authors: Mr. S. K. Agrawal

Page No.: 47 - 50


11. Review on Heat Wheel and it’s Application in HVAC System  

Authors: Vijay.S.Hingne, Prof.S.P.Joshi

Page No.: 51 - 55


12. Optimization of Input Parameters in Friction Stir Welding of High Density Polyethylene Sheets  

Authors: Satish P. Pawar, Nilesh A. Ghanokar

Page No.: 56 - 59


13. Performance Analysis of Double Pass Solar Air Heater  

Authors: Prof. S. S. Bhadang

Page No.: 60 - 62


14. A Review on Performance of Heat Exchanger using Nanofluids  

Authors: Roshan V. Marode, Somesh Santosh Junare, Umesh Haribhau Kamble

Page No.: 63 - 66


15. Experimental Investigation on Performance of Perforated Plate Fin Heat Sink for CPU Cooling  

Authors: A.A. Komerwar, A. A. Channewar, S. P. Raut, Dr. P. M. Ardhapurkar

Page No.: 67 - 70