Conference Issue: Track 2 Extc Papers

International Conference On Emanations in Modern Technology and Engineering (ICEMTE 2017) 04 - 05 March, 2017, Organized by:- " Shree L.R.Tiwari College Of Engg, Kanakia Park, Mira Road(E),Thane"

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Multiband Patch Antenna for Wireless Devices  

Authors: Manjiri Gogate, Aditya Desai, Madhuri Bhujbal

Page No.: 01 - 05


2. Brain Abnormality Identification using SVM classification and GLCM  


Page No.: 06 - 08


3. Swarm Intelligence for Detecting Interesting Events in Crowded Environments  

Authors: Sagar Mane, Mrs. Hemangi Satam, Prof. V. B. Gaikwad

Page No.: 09 - 10


4. Survey of VoLTE Services: Jio versus Other Service Providers  

Authors: Mrs. Hemangi Satam, Mrs. Namrata Kulkarni, Mrs. Aboli Moharil

Page No.: 11 - 14


5. Monitoring System for Intelligent House with Modern Security  

Authors: Snehal Shah, Aditya Desai, Saurabh Suman

Page No.: 15 - 18


6. Secure Data Access Control and Efficient CP-ABE for Multi Authority Cloud Storage with Data Mirroring  

Authors: Miss. Pradnya K. Bachhav, Mr. Mukesh A. Amritkar

Page No.: 19 - 22


7. GI-FI (A New Wireless Technology)  

Authors: Mrs. Supriya N. Thakur, Mrs. Runali Y. Suryawanshi

Page No.: 23 - 26


8. Dialogue Manager for Spoken Dialogue System: Review  

Authors: Sheetal Mahadik, Pragati Dwivedi, Monkey King, Bajie Zhu, Seng Tang

Page No.: 27 - 29


9. Solar Power Tree  

Authors: Rohini Jadhao

Page No.: 30 - 34


10. Face Recognition for cluttered Images using Eigen and Fisher Approach  

Authors: Swati Choudhary, Savitha Devraj, Vaishali Ramtekkar

Page No.: 35 - 38


11. Efficient Video Compression Using DCT Modified Algorithm  

Authors: Shreya Anand Sankhe, Poorva Waingankar, Namrata Kulkarni

Page No.: 39 - 41


12. Emotion Recognition “An Optimized Approach using RF Signals”  

Authors: Kritika Shukla, Jigyasa Singh, Dipti Kale

Page No.: 42 - 45


13. Defending Against Path-Based Denial of Service Attack in Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Kavita S. Yadav, Prof Mujib Tamboli

Page No.: 46 - 51


14. A Survey on Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Khushbu S. Tikhe, Sonali A. Padalkar, Menka Singh

Page No.: 52 - 55


15. Monitoring of Radial Deformations on Transformer HV Winding Using Image Processing and UWB Transceivers  

Authors: Mr. Santosh Vishwakarma, Mrs. Namrata Kulkarni

Page No.: 56 - 60


16. Image Retrieval Based On Colour, Texture And Shape Feature Similarity Score Fusion Using Genetic Optimization Algorithm  

Authors: Abhijit T. Somnathe, Dr. S. Ram Reddy

Page No.: 61 - 64


17. Digital Verification with Advance Techniques  

Authors: Supriya Singh, Prof. Manjiri Gogate, Prof. Sheetal Jagdale

Page No.: 65 - 69


18. A Comparative Study of Performance Analysis of Various Encryption Algorithms  

Authors: Gaurav Yadav, Mrs. Aparna Majare

Page No.: 70 - 73


19. Traffic Management using Satellite Imaging and Internet of Things  

Authors: Tanvi Tushar Thakur, Sheetal Vatari, Madhuri Wagholikar

Page No.: 74 - 78


20. Role of Heterogeneity in Clustered Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Rashmi Maheshwari, Pragati Dwivedi, Pratiksha Kolte

Page No.: 79 - 82


21. Different Video Compression Standards  

Authors: Mrs. Dipti Bhushan Save, Mrs. Aboli N. Moharil

Page No.: 83 - 85


22. Use of Microwave Technologies in Carrier Ethernet Services  

Authors: Abhishek Pawar, Prof.Aboli Moharil

Page No.: 86 - 89


23. Smart Phone Based Detection of Emotions Using Real Time Speech  

Authors: Dipti Kale, Kritika Shukla, Menka Singh

Page No.: 90 - 93


24. Optical Amplifiers: An Overview  

Authors: Mrs. Aboli N. Moharil, Mrs. Namrata Kulkarni, Mrs. Hemangi Satam

Page No.: 94 - 96


25. Simulation of Indoor Visible Light Communication System  

Authors: Kunal Mahajan, Avinash Shinde, Swati Mahajan

Page No.: 97 - 100


26. Routing Protocols for MANET  

Authors: Pratiksha Naik, Shruti Patil

Page No.: 101 - 103


27. Comparison of Feature Extraction Methods for Image Analysis and its Application for Classification of Food Items in Computer Vision  

Authors: Rohit Mahajan, Dr. Ameya K. Naik

Page No.: 104 - 109


28. A Review on 5G Real time Billing and Charging System  

Authors: Ms. Shivani Kaushik Mistry, Prof. Shruti R Patil

Page No.: 110 - 113


29. Study of QoS in IEEE 802.11 Networks  

Authors: Shruti Patil, Aprana Majare, Swapna Patil

Page No.: 114 - 118


30. Next big marketing product- Natural Air Purifier  

Authors: Pragati Dwivedi, Rashmi Maheshwari, Sheetal Mahadik

Page No.: 119 - 122


31. Design of Digital Controller and its Implementation on FPGA for Single Phase PWM Inverter  

Authors: Ms.Prachi Govind Kale, Prof.Gopal S. Chaudhari

Page No.: 123 - 128


32. Microstrip Patch Antenna and Microstrip Patch Antenna Array for Microwave Life Detection System  

Authors: Vinay Kumar Singh, Madhuri Atmaram Bhujbal, Atul Upadhyay

Page No.: 129 - 133


33. Annotating the elemental notions in network model of Optical burst switching Network  

Authors: Jigyasa Singh, Md. Ejaz Aslam Lodhi, Kritika Shukla

Page No.: 134 - 137


34. Parametric Study of Microstrip Patch Antenna  

Authors: Atul Upadhyay, Vinay Kumar Singh, Aditya Desai

Page No.: 138 - 142


35. Triple-band Printed Monopole Antenna for Bluetooth (2.4GHz), WLAN(5.65GHz) and Satellite (8.3GHz) Applications  

Authors: Ms. Pooja R. Naik, Prof. Bharati A. Singh, Dr. S S Thakur

Page No.: 143 - 146


36. Data Transmission using Visible Light Communication: Experimental Approach  

Authors: Avinash Shinde, Kunal Mahajan, Swati Mahajan

Page No.: 147 - 150


37. A Comparative Study of Performance Analysis of Various Encryption Algorithms  

Authors: Gaurav Yadav, Mrs. Aparna Majare

Page No.: 151 - 155


38. Study of Paper Batteries & Performance Analysis of Its Types  

Authors: Aparna Majare, Swapna Patil, Shruti Patil

Page No.: 156 - 161


39. Design and Implementation of an Adaptive 32 order FIR Filter using FPGA  

Authors: Madhuri Jadhav, Tanvi Thakur, Sheetal vatari

Page No.: 162 - 165


40. Black Hole attack in Ad-hoc On Demand Distance Vector Protocol  

Authors: Dhanashri Lamane, Swapna Patil, Ameya Naik

Page No.: 166 - 170


41. Bluetooth Low Energy as a means of Optimizing Power Consumption in IoT based Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Ms. Anita Nair, Prof. Zainab Mizwan, Dr. Ameya Naik

Page No.: 171 - 174


42. 5.5 GHz Printed Antenna for Screen Mirroring  

Authors: Netra Keshav Bhoir, Mrs. Manjiri Gogate, Dr. S. S. Thakur

Page No.: 175 - 176


43. The 5th Generation Mobile Wireless Networks- Key Concepts and Challenges  

Authors: Namrata Kulkarni, Aboli Mohril, Hemangi Satam

Page No.: 177 - 180


44. Penta-band Printed Antenna for Mobile Handset  

Authors: Hemangi Patil, Mrs. Manjiri Gogate, Dr. S. S. Thakur

Page No.: 181 - 182


45. Triple Modular Redundancy using Fault Tolerant Technique– Review  

Authors: Pratiksha P Kolte, Rashmi Maheshwari, Shubham Ajankar

Page No.: 183 - 185


46. Automatic Screening and Classification using Machine Analysis Technique  

Authors: Shrutika A. Patil, Mrs. Manjiri Gogate

Page No.: 186 - 190


47. Printed Square-shape UWB Antenna with Dual Band-Notched Characteristics  

Authors: Ms. Parul N. Jha, Prof. Bharati A. Singh, Dr. S S Thakur

Page No.: 191 - 194


48. Testing Of Detector for Easing Of Multipath for A GNSS Receiver Using a Micro strip Array Antenna  

Authors: Mohsin A Khan, Dr. S. Ram Reddy

Page No.: 195 - 198


49. Ultra-Wideband Micro strip Antennas with notch Analysis  

Authors: Payal Vinayak Mohadikar, Maheshwari Marne, Rehab Ansari

Page No.: 199 - 202


50. Performance Evaluation of LEACH, PEGASIS and IEEPB Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Ansari Rehab Nafees, Mohd. Arif. I. Upletawala, Payal Vinayak Mohadikar

Page No.: 203 - 205


51. An Algorithm for Overlap Nodes That Provides Better Coverage Efficiency than PEAS Protocol  

Authors: Maheshwari Marne, Sonali Padalkar, Payal Mohadikar

Page No.: 206 - 209


52. A Systematic Approach for Taking Academic Attendance Using Voice Identification Technique  

Authors: Ajinkya Rajhans, Jay Kesarkar, Akshay Ashok Ruikar

Page No.: 210 - 213


53. MEMS Accelerometer Based Gesture Based System Security and Remote System Notification  

Authors: O. M. Gaikwad, S. K. Gabhane, J. R. Mahajan

Page No.: 214 - 217


54. Dual Band Meta Material Inspired Antenna for Wireless Communication  

Authors: Menka Singh, Dipti Kale, Khushbu Tikhe

Page No.: 218 - 221


55. MAC unit Implementation using Vedic Multiplier and various Carry Skip Adder Designs  

Authors: K.Hemamalini, K.Jayamalini

Page No.: 222 - 227


56. Phase noise Analysis of Charge Pump Phase Locked Loop (PLL) using Simulink and Design Nonlinearities  

Authors: Swapna Patil, Aprana Majare, Shruti Patil

Page No.: 228 - 234


57. Microstrip Modified Patch Antenna using two different geometries for Bandwidth enhancement  

Authors: Samita Bhandari, Vatsalkumar Brahmbhatt

Page No.: 235 - 238


58. Energy Efficient Information Gathering In Wireless Sensor Network with and without Compressive Sensing At Sensor Node  

Authors: Sonali Abhijeet Padalkar, Prof. Khushbu Thike, Maheshwari Marne

Page No.: 239 - 242


59. Ethical hacking  

Authors: Farzeen Mohd Imran Memon, Mahmmed Imran Mahmmed Memon

Page No.: 243 - 248


60. Planar Dipole Antenna with Integrated Loops and Connecting Patches for DTV Application  

Authors: Madhuri Bhujbal, Manjiri Gogate, Aditya Desai

Page No.: 249 - 254


61. Current Mode Receiver for Communication System  

Authors: Navneet Nikalje, Dr. S.R. Devane

Page No.: 255 - 258


62. Image Forgery Detection Using Adaptive Oversegmentation and Feature Matching  

Authors: Harish Patil, Nitin S. Nagori

Page No.: 259 - 264


63. Image Fusion and Recursive Filtering based Feature Extraction of the Hyperspectral Images  

Authors: Aarti Jagdish Chorghe

Page No.: 265 - 269


64. Image Distortion Measures for Face Spoof Detection  

Authors: Sannidhi Yatin Dixit

Page No.: 270 - 273