Conference Issue: Track 4 Others Papers

International Conference on Emanations in Modern Engineering Science & Management (ICEMESM 2017) 25-26 March, 2017 Organized by:- " Smt. Radhikatai Pandav College of Engineering, Nagpur. "

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. A Study of Marketing Activities Adopted by Engineering Institutions Regarding Motivate and Development of Rural Students with Special Reference to Bhandara District  

Authors: Dr. Parihar Suresh Dahake, Dr. Abhijit R. Gajghate

Page No.: 01 - 06


2. A Study on Management of Moral is Mechanism to Solve the Problem of Employees in the Organization  

Authors: Prof. Ashutosh S. Kawde, Prof. Priti G.Hatwar, Prof. Sonu R. Vishwakarma

Page No.: 07 - 10


3. Electronic Commerce and the impact of Changing Pattern of Marketing: A Business Review with special reference to Indian Context  

Authors: Prof. Nihar Suresh Dahake, Dr. Lukesh S. Bobade, Prof. Ashish Ingale

Page No.: 11 - 15


4. Structure and Properties of Conductive Polyaniline Blends  

Authors: Dr. Sarika A. Khapre, S.P. Yawale, S.S. Yawale

Page No.: 16 - 31


5. In-Vessel Composter Technique For Municipal Solid Waste Composting  

Authors: Assit. Prof. Mamta C. Burile, Assit. Prof. Bhagyashri Thele, Prof. Dr .P. S. Lanjewar

Page No.: 32 - 40


6. Sustanable Development of A Building and Indian Rating System for Green Building  

Authors: Assit. Prof. Ruchita S. Bawankar, Dr. Prashant Lanjewar

Page No.: 41 - 50


7. Analysis of Multistory RCC Structure with and Without Outrigger Beam System  

Authors: Anupam S. Hirapure, Ashish S. Moon, Dr. P. S. Lanjewar

Page No.: 51 - 56


8. Effect of Mass Irregularity on High Rise RCC Structure  

Authors: Anupam S. Hirapure, Ashish S. Moon, Dr. P. S. Lanjewar

Page No.: 57 - 63


9. Seismic Behaviour of Ordinary And Special Moment Resistaing Frame  

Authors: Anupam S. Hirapure, Ashish S. Moon, Swapnil J. Bhusari

Page No.: 64 - 70


10. A Comparitive Study of Different Customized Multiprocessor Scheduling Algorithms on Multicore Architecture  

Authors: Prof. Prerena Jaipurkar, Prof. Pranali D. Tembhurne, Prof.Sweta R Bhelonde

Page No.: 71 - 75


11. A Review on Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Prof. Anirudh A.Bhagwat, Prof.Vinod W.Wankhede

Page No.: 76 - 79


12. Demonstration Instrument: A Blow and Outcome on the Indian Populace  

Authors: Dr . Prashant R. Patil

Page No.: 80 - 83


13. Impact of Smartphone's on Society  

Authors: Nitesh Rajurkar, Pooja Shirsagar

Page No.: 84 - 88


14. Study on Uncertainty Measurement in Testing During Research Work  

Authors: Nitu Gupta, Pratibha Gupta, M. D. Choudhary

Page No.: 89 - 92


15. Design of Digital Signature Verification Algorithm Using Relative Slopemethod  

Authors: Prof. Miss. P. N. Ganorkar, Prof. Mrs. S. V. Umale

Page No.: 93 - 97


16. Analysis of Different Parameters of Queuing Theory for the Waiting Time of Patients in Hospital  

Authors: Damodhar F Shastrakar, Sharad S Pokley

Page No.: 98 - 100


17. A Comparative Study of Transportation Problem Using C++ and Mat Lab  

Authors: Prof. Megha A.Janbandhu, Prof.Madhu S.Palod, Prof. B.H. Ganthade

Page No.: 101 - 104