Conference Issue: Track 1 Cse Papers

International Conference on Emanations in Modern Engineering Science & Management (ICEMESM 2017) 25-26 March, 2017 Organized by:- " Smt. Radhikatai Pandav College of Engineering, Nagpur. "

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Attendance Using Palm Print Technology  

Authors: Upasana Ghosh Dastidar, Nikhita Jogi, Milan Bansod, Payal Madamwar, Prof Priyanka Jalan

Page No.: 01 - 04


2. A Review Paper on Design and Implementation of Smart Health Care System using IoT  

Authors: Durga Amarnath M. Budida, Dr. R. S. Mangrulkar

Page No.: 05 - 09


3. A Review Paper on Robust Waste Collection: Exploiting IoT Potentiality in Smart Cities  

Authors: Sakshi Goenka, Dr. R. S. Mangrulkar

Page No.: 10 - 13


4. IOT Based Agriculture Monitoring System Using Wemos  

Authors: Sandip Rukhmode, Sharda Banot, Gayatri Vyavhare, Abhilash Narad, Dr. R.M.Tugnayat

Page No.: 14 - 19


5. A 2 Level Dynamic Scheduling Method for Real Time Tasks on Homogeneous Distributed System  

Authors: Lipika Datta

Page No.: 20 - 24


6. A Comparitive Study of Different Customized Multiprocessor Scheduling Algorithms on Multicore Architecture  

Authors: Prof. Prerena Jaipurkar, Prof. Pranali D. Tembhurne

Page No.: 25 - 29


7. Design of Digital Signature Verification Algorithm using Relative Slopemethod  

Authors: Prof. Miss. P.N .Ganorkar, Prof.Mrs. S.V.Umale

Page No.: 30 – 34


8. A Comparative Study of Transportation Problem Using C++ and Mat Lab  

Authors: Prof. Megha A.Janbandhu, Prof.Madhu S.Palod, Prof. B.H. Ganthade

Page No.: 35 - 38


9. Energy Efficient Virtual Distributed Scheduling in a Multi-processor Environment  

Authors: Prof. P. M. Bihade, Pro. Hemlata R. Kosare

Page No.: 39 - 43


10. Static and Dynamic shortest path finding in Mobile Network by using Ant Colony optimization  

Authors: Prof. Karuna V. Borkar, Pro. Chandre Shekhar Kumar, Prof. Deepak Kumar Jha

Page No.: 44 – 47


11. A Review on Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Prof. Anirudh A.Bhagwat, Prof.Vinod W.Wankhede

Page No.: 48 - 51


12. Study of Spring Framework  

Authors: Mrs. Rasika Khandal, Meenal Meshram, Shubham Mahatme

Page No.: 52 - 54



Authors: Ruchika K. Kadu, Monali Nakod, Asst. Prof.Asfiya Shaikh

Page No.: 55 - 59


14. Commutative Encryption for Privacy preserving in firewall Optimization  

Authors: Miss. Priyanka M. Padole

Page No.: 60 - 64


15. Touch Screen Technology – A Review  

Authors: Durga Shahu, Vaishnavi Deshmukh, Prof. Bhagyashree Khumbhare

Page No.: 65 - 68


16. Android Security Model that Provide a Base Operating System  

Authors: Prof. Parag Gholse, Mr.Shashank Thakre

Page No.: 69 - 75


17. A Comparative Analysis of Various Optimization Methods for a Sequencing Problem  

Authors: Shiv Kumar Sharma, Mangal Singh Sisodiya

Page No.: 76 - 79


18. Security in Body Area Network: An Application Perspective  

Authors: Pradeep Kumar, Anand Sharma

Page No.: 80 - 83


19. Signature-Based Hybrid Intrusion detection system (HIDS) for Android devices  

Authors: Avadhoot Pawaskar, Vidya More, Zain Navrange, Hasib Shaikh

Page No.: 84 - 88


20. Implementation of an Efficient Approach for Duplicate Detection System  

Authors: Ruchira Deshpande, Sonali Bodkhe

Page No.: 89 - 93