Conference Issue: Track 4 Papers

International Conference on "Advances in Engineering & Technology (ICAET– 2015)"

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. FPGA Implementation Of Three Filter Banks  

Authors: Tasneem Kausar

Page No.: 001 - 004


2. Distributed Arithmetic Based FIR Adaptive Digital Filter Design Using LMS Algorithm: A Review  

Authors: Mr. Wasim Maroofi, Prof. Lalit Jain

Page No.: 005 - 010


3. Design of ARM Based Data Acquisition & Control Using Wireless Network  

Authors: SurajU.Patinge, Mrs.G.M.Kadu

Page No.: 011- 014


4. Memristor The Fourth Fundamental Circuit Element  

Authors: Swapnil S Nalawade, Varsharani D Nikam

Page No.: 015 - 019


5. FPGA Implementation of Efficient Edge Detection Using Canny Algorithm  

Authors: Ms.Aasiya anjum, Prof. Sanjay asutkar

Page No.: 020 - 022


6. Image Based Detection and Inspection of Cracks on Bridge Surface Using an Autonomous Robot [Review]  

Authors: Mohammad Salman, Vaidehi Baporikar

Page No.: 023 - 027


7. Design And Implementation of Robot Motion With IR Wireless Camera[Review]  

Authors: Ujwala G. Meshram, Shubhangi Borkar

Page No.: 028 - 031


8. Various Quality Measures for Fake Biometric Detection” [REVIEW]  

Authors: Ruhool Ameen Sheikh, Dr. Sanjay Badjate

Page No.: 032 - 035


9. Rate Control Scheme for Multi-User VBR Communication System  

Authors: Mr. Syed Rizwan Ali, Mr. Khwaja Ramizuddin, Mr. Firoz Ahmed Siddiqui

Page No.: 036 - 039


10. A Review on Modeling Techniques in Chaotic Soft Computing Systems using Forecasting  

Authors: Sruthi Sreekumar, Sanjay Badjate

Page No.: 040 - 044


11. Soft Core – An Approach to Embedded System Design  

Authors: Archana Mahatme, V.P.Mahatme

Page No.: 045 - 049


12. Review Paper on Analysis and Grading Of Food, Grains Using Image Processing and SVM  

Authors: Sunil S. Telang, Prof. Sandip Buradkar

Page No.: 050 - 054


13. Review Paper on Implementation of DSP Unit in LEON3 Processor  

Authors: Pushkar P. Joshi, Prof. A.V. Mahatme

Page No.: 055 - 057


14. Survey Paper on Recursive Least Square Adaptive Filters Using Block DCD Approach  

Authors: Mr. Sachin S. Khanande, Prof. S. J. Honade

Page No.: 058 - 059


15. Liver Segmentation of CT Scan Images: A Survey  

Authors: Shraddha Sangewar, Dr.Prema Daigavane

Page No.: 060 - 063


16. Pixel based image fusion for remote sensing  

Authors: Mrs.Sharda R.Chaudhary Mr.Sandip Buradkar

Page No.: 064 - 066


17. HDL Design of Efficient Floating Point Multiplier  

Authors: Sadiya Fatima Sufi, Pooja Thakre

Page No.: 067 - 070


18. Computation of Twiddle Factor using CORDIC Algorithm for FFT Processor  

Authors: Sureshwari R. Bichwe, Dipti Bichwe

Page No.: 071 - 074


19. Literature Review on Android Application Developed on Eclipse Software  

Authors: Poonam Bedarkar, Hemlata Meharkure

Page No.: 075 - 079


20. A Survey of Internet of Things Using WSN for Real Time Data Acquisition  

Authors: Poonam Thakur, Prof. Rahul M. Pethe

Page No.: 080 - 083


21. Asterisk Based IP-PBX Cost Efficient Server For Small Organization  

Authors: Ms. Harshada Jagtap, Prof. D.G.Gahane

Page No.: 084 - 086


22. Features Extraction of Eeg Signal Using ICA  

Authors: Lokesh Gopal Jadhav , Prof. Pravin Kshirsagar

Page No.: 087 - 089


23. Feature Extraction of EEG Signals by Auto-Regression.  

Authors: Ankur C. Dubey, Prof. Pravin Kshirsagar

Page No.: 090 - 092


24. Interfacing of Finger Biometric Module with Arm-7 for Medical Application  

Authors: Mohit M.Jungare, Prof.V.G.Giripunje

Page No.: 093 - 096


25. Antenna Selection with Spatial Multiplexing MIMO Systems  

Authors: Shital Shegokar Jangid

Page No.: 097 - 100


26. Design and Fabrication of an Electrically Small Meander Line Structure Antenna System for MIMO Applications  

Authors: Prof. Abhilasha Mishra, Mr. Prakash S. Andhare, Prof. Vidya H.Deshmukh

Page No.: 101 - 105


27. Review on Wavelet Transform Based EEG Analysis for Primary Tumor Detection  

Authors: Nitin Ambatkar, Ankush A Surkar

Page No.: 106 - 109


28. Co-Design of Efficient Low Power Successive Approximation Quaternary Analog to Digital Converter  

Authors: Mayur Nannaware 1, Prof.Parag Jawarkar2

Page No.: 110 - 113


29. A Modified Selective Mapping Technique For OFDM Paper Reduction  

Authors: Mr. Somnath, Parmeshwar Tandale Mrs. Sujata Kadam

Page No.: 114 - 119


30. Performance Analysis of Communication Systems with Different Types of Neural Network  

Authors: Mr.Narendra P. Giradkar, Dr.Avichal Kapur

Page No.: 120 - 123


31. An Overview of Fractal Antennas for Wireless Communication  

Authors: Ms..Kanchan Wagh, Dr. P. T. Karule

Page No.: 124 - 129


32. Computer Vision Based Semi-automatic Algorithm for face detection  

Authors: Ms. Srushti Girhe, Mrs. Nita Nimbarte, Dr. A.S. Khobragade

Page No.: 130 - 133


33. Emotion Recognition through Combination of Speech and Image Processing: A Review  

Authors: Swati Pahune, Nilu Mishra

Page No.: 134 - 137



35. An Approach for Segmentation of Medical Images Using Pillar K-Means Algorithm  

Authors: Vivek Mangate, Snehal Malode

Page No.: 143 - 146


36. Procedure for quality test of Rear View Convex Mirror Automatically Using Image Processing Techniques  

Authors: Ameen I. Khan, Sunita S. Lokhande

Page No.: 147 - 151


37. Design and Implementation of BPSK Modulator and Demodulator using VHDL  

Authors: Mohd. Amin Sultan, Hina Malik

Page No.: 152 - 157


38. Review on 3D Chaotic Map Encryption and Data Hiding Technique  

Authors: Pradeep H Kharat, Dr.S.S.Shriramwar

Page No.: 158 - 161


39. Black-Bus Architecture for Network-On-Chip  

Authors: Kapil K. Lalwani, Prajwalsingh S. Parihar, Atul M. Borkar, Yogesh M. Gaidhane

Page No.: 162 - 165


40. Intelligent Embedded Vehicles: A Review  

Authors: Prof. Sufiyan Khan, Prof. Tirupati M. Goskula, Prof. Akbar Nagani

Page No.: 166 - 169


41. Cognitive Radio for 4g Cellular Networks  

Authors: Sneha Sanjayrao Gadgilwar, Mrs. S.R.Bichawe

Page No.: 170 - 173


42. Design of High Speed and Low Power MAC Unit with Vedic Multiplier and Full Pipelined Accumulator  

Authors: Prof.Tariquzzaman,Prof. M.Nasiruddin

Page No.: 174 - 177



44. Classification of Human Speech for Neurological disease from laryngeal using Pitch,Formants,MFCC, HFCC as features and SVM as classifier  

Authors: Prof. S.M. Ali, Dr. P. T. Karule, Prof. S.I Ali, Prof. S.A.Ali

Page No.: 182 - 185


45. Design and Simulation Of Physical Layer Of Zigbee Transreceiver Using Verilog  

Authors: Miss. Vaishali Patil,

Page No.: 186 - 189


46. EMG Signal Classification for neuromuscular disorder using neural network  

Authors: Mohammad Tafhim Khan, M. Tahseenul Hasan, Muzaffar khan

Page No.: 190 - 193


47. Classification of Normal and Pathological Disease using Features Set-1, Set-2 & MLP, GFF as Classifier  

Authors: Prof. S.M. Ali, Dr. P. T. Karule

Page No.: 194 - 197


48. Review Paper on Cognitive Engine  

Authors: Mukesh V. Hatwar, Mrs. S.R. Bichwe

Page No.: 198 - 201


49. Quality-Factor Improvement of 0.18-um Active Inductor by a Current Reuse Design  

Authors: Mrs.Amruta A.Ranade

Page No.: 202 - 205


50. A Review on System Level Behavioral Modeling and Post Simulation of Built-in-Self-Test of Sigma-Delta Modulator Analog-to-Digital Converter  

Authors: Anil Kumar Sahu Dr. Vivek Kumar Chandra Dr. G. R. Sinha

Page No.: 206 - 209


51. OFDM Channel Estimation using Adaptive QRD RLS Algorithm  

Authors: Sanjay R. Ganar Dr. Sanjay B. Pokle

Page No.: 210 - 213


52. An Efficent Real Time Analysis of Carry Select Adder  

Authors: Geetika Gesu, Sagar Ghormade

Page No.: 214 - 218


53. Error Detection in Majority Logic Decoding Of EG-LDPC Codes  

Authors: Nagma Sheikh, Dr.Sanjay Asuthkar

Page No.: 219 - 221


54. Performance Analysis of RF CMOS LNA using 90nm Technology  

Authors: Akanksha D. Khodey, Sunil R. Gupta

Page No.: 222 - 225


55. FPGA Implementation Of 2D-DCT Architecture For JPEG  

Authors: Pradnya P. Parate, Nilesh A. Mohota

Page No.: 226 - 229


56. A Review on Microprocessor Based Technologies  

Authors: Naziya Farhat, Prof. Mohammad Nasiruddin, Samiya Altaf Khan

Page No.: 230 - 233


57. A Comparative Review Between Standard Image Compression Techniques - JPEG and JPEG2000  


Page No.: 234 - 236



59. Advances in Engineering & Technology- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: One Gadget Multiple Applications  

Authors: Saniya Parvez, Prof. Mohd. Nasiruddin

Page No.: 243 - 246


60. Design of Multiband Monopole Antenna using Defected Ground Structure  

Authors: Gajanan S. Kunturkar, Dr.P.L.Zade

Page No.: 247 - 250


61. Object Shadow Detection From Remote Sensing Images  

Authors: Atul A. Kolge, Yogita K. Dubey

Page No.: 251 - 253


62. Automated Localization of the Optic Disc in Retinal Images Using Top Hat Transform Algorithm  

Authors: Rasik Dhoble, Nita Nimbarte, Sapana Dhanvijay

Page No.: 254 - 257


63. Design of a Miniaturized Rectangular Microstrip Patch using Metamaterials for WLAN Applications  

Authors: Abha Karade, Dr. P. L. Zade

Page No.: 258 - 260


64. Review Paper on an Evolutionary Approach for Smart Wheel Chair System  

Authors: Shafaque Anjum Mohd Shakir, Sheikh Prof. Dinesh Rotake

Page No.: 261 - 264


65. Review on Centralized Energy Efficient Clustering(CEEC) Routing protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Pallavi V. Balki, Shubhangi Degare

Page No.: 265 – 268


66. Review on distributed Energy Efficient and Reliable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks  

Authors: Jayashri D Gaurkar, Kanchan Dhote

Page No.: 269 – 272


67. The Conceptual Study Of The Latest Emerging Highly Efficient RF MEMS Switch  

Authors: Mr.Dipta Dhal, Prof. M.K.Demde

Page No.: 273 – 276


68. Design Of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm For Enhanced Security  

Authors: Ms. Monika Badki, Prof. (Mrs.) A.H.Charkhawala

Page No.: 277 – 280


69. Design of Multiband Monopole Antenna using Defected Ground Structure  

Authors: Gajanan S. Kunturkar, Dr. P. L. Zade

Page No.: 281 – 284


70. Intrusion Prevention and Detection in Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Mr. Vivek. A. Chakole, Prof. Gulrej Ahmed

Page No.: 285 – 287


71. Intrusion Prevention and Detection in Wireless Sensor Network  

Authors: Mr. Vivek. A. Chakole, Prof. Gulrej Ahmed

Page No.: 285 – 287


72. Gold Sequence generator using VHDL  

Authors: Arpita Manna, Pooja Kitey, Bharti Waghmare, Prof. Ms Rutuja Tijare

Page No.: 288 – 290


73. Cardiovascular Fitness and Activity Monitoring using Biomedical Sensor Network  

Authors: Mohsina Anjum, Iram Nausheen, Shireen T. Sheikh, Ahmed Sajjad Khan

Page No.: 291 - 294