Simulation Modelling of Cloud Mini and Mega Data Centers Using Cloud Analyst

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Mohit Mathur, Mamta Madan, Kavita Chaudhary


Cloud Computing has now become a base technology for various other technologies including Internet of Things, Big Data Technologies and many other technologies, the responsibility of Cloud become critical in case of real time applications where the cloud services are required in real time. Delay in the response from Cloud may lead to serious consequences even loss of lives where the processes data from cloud must reach within predefined time interval. The performance of Cloud has experienced delays with the current infrastructure due to multiple issues in Traditional Cloud Network Model. The Paper suggests a proposed architecture Cloud Mini Data Centers simulated using Cloud Analyst to minimize the delays of Cloud Service delivery. The paper also simulate traditional cloud Network model using Cloud Analyst and provides a comparative study of both models.

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Mohit Mathur, et al. (2023). Simulation Modelling of Cloud Mini and Mega Data Centers Using Cloud Analyst. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(10), 953–963.
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Mohit Mathur, Mamta Madan, Kavita Chaudhary

1Mohit Mathur, 2Mamta Madan, 3Kavita Chaudhary

1Department of Information     Technology,

Jagan Institute of Management Studies,

Delhi, India

2Department of Computer Science,

Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies,

Delhi, India

3Department of CSE,

Jayoti VidyapeethWomen’s University,

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India