Implementation of Super Resolution Techniques in Geospatial Satellite Imagery

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Trupti Baraskar
Vignesh Charan Raman
Poojan Panchal


The potential for more precise land cover classifications and pattern analysis is provided by technological advancements and the growing accessibility of high-resolution satellite images, which might significantly improve the detection and quantification of land cover change for conservation.  A group of methods known as "super-resolution imaging" use generative modelling to increase the resolution of an imaging system. Super-Resolution Imaging, which falls under the category of sophisticated computer vision and image processing, has a variety of practical uses, including astronomical imaging, surveillance and security, medical imaging, and satellite imaging. As computer vision is where deep learning algorithms for super-resolution first appeared, they were mostly created on RGB images in 8-bit colour depth, where the sensor and camera are separated by a few meters. But no evaluation of these methods has been done.

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Baraskar, T. ., Raman, V. C. ., & Panchal, P. . (2023). Implementation of Super Resolution Techniques in Geospatial Satellite Imagery. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(9s), 37–42.


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