An Improved Firefly Optimization Algorithm for Analysis of Arrhythmia Types

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Mala Sinnoor
Shanthi Kaliyil Janardhan


Irregular heartbeats rhythm is the result of arrhythmia condition which can be a threat to life if not treated at the early stage. If it is necessary to know the type of arrhythmia to treat the patient appropriately. The traditional method is complex and an efficient algorithm is required to diagnose. An improved firefly optimization algorithm is proposed to analyze arrhythmia types. Four performance measures confirm the model's effectiveness and experimental evaluation shows that it achieves a sensitivity of 86.27%, accuracy of 86.14%, precision of 87.52%, and specificity of 87.37% in arrhythmia-type classification. The algorithm can effectively classify the arrhythmia types with high accuracy and specificity.

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Sinnoor, M. ., & Janardhan, S. K. . (2023). An Improved Firefly Optimization Algorithm for Analysis of Arrhythmia Types . International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(7s), 430–436.


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