A Research Perspective on Data Management Techniques for Federated Cloud Environment

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Vikas K Kolekar
Sachin R Sakhare


Cloud computing has given a large scope of improvement in processing, storage and retrieval of data that is generated in huge amount from devices and users. Heterogenous devices and users generates the multidisciplinary data that needs to take care for easy and efficient storage and fast retrieval by maintaining quality and service level agreements. By just storing the data in cloud will not full fill the user requirements, the data management techniques has to be applied so that data adaptiveness and proactiveness characteristics are upheld. To manage the effectiveness of entire eco system a middleware must be there in between users and cloud service providers. Middleware has set of events and trigger based policies that will act on generated data to intermediate users and cloud service providers. For cloud service providers to deliver an efficient utilization of resources is one of the major issues and has scope of improvement in the federation of cloud service providers to fulfill user’s dynamic demands. Along with providing adaptiveness of data management in the middleware layer is challenging. In this paper, the policies of middleware for adaptive data management have been reviewed extensively. The main objectives of middleware are also discussed to accomplish high throughput of cloud service providers by means of federation and qualitative data management by means of adaptiveness and proactiveness. The cloud federation techniques have been studied thoroughly along with the pros and cons of it. Also, the strategies to do management of data has been exponentially explored.

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Kolekar, V. K. ., & Sakhare, S. R. . (2023). A Research Perspective on Data Management Techniques for Federated Cloud Environment. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(5), 338–346. https://doi.org/10.17762/ijritcc.v11i5.6622


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