Energy Management System for Microgrid System using Improved Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm

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Ajit Patil
Sandip R. Patil


An Energy Management System (EMS) is indispensable to monitor the power flow and load matching inside a microgrid during grid-connected mode (GCM) and islanded modes (IM) of operation. Many conventional optimization algorithms show poor reliability for real time optimization problem solving where an objective function is non-linear. An optimization technique is necessary to reduce the cost of energy obtained from the grid, generated inside the grid, and consumed by the load. This article presents, an optimization scheme based on the improved Grey wolf optimization (GWO) algorithm that considers replacement of wounded/injured wolves of one pack by strong wolves of other pack for an EMS in micro-grid. The GWO optimization algorithm's effectiveness is demonstrated forGCM and IM operation. The proposed GWO shows fast, lost cost and precise optimization of the real time EMS for the grid connected and islanded micro-grid system.

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Patil, A. ., & Patil, S. R. . (2023). Energy Management System for Microgrid System using Improved Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm . International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(5), 266–272.


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