Energy Efficient IoT-Sensors Network for Smart Farming

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Zatin Gupta
Amit Kumar Bindal
Seema Shukla
Isha Chopra
Vidhika Tiwari
Shipra Srivastava


The experience of smart farming can be improved using IoT-based applications. Still, the performance of IoT networks may be degraded due to different factors, i.e., the coverage area of the farm/location (surface or underwater)/environmental conditions etc. Network operations over heterogeneous environments may cause excessive resource consumption and thus may reduce the IoT sensor’s lifespan. To optimise energy consumption, in this paper, an energy-efficient method will be introduced for smart farming, and its performance will be analysed using different parameters (i.e., Throughput/energy consumption/residual energy etc.) using two different IoT standards (Long Range Low powered technology (LoRa)/SigFox).

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Gupta, Z. ., Bindal, A. K. ., Shukla, S. ., Chopra, I. ., Tiwari, V. ., & Srivastava, S. . (2023). Energy Efficient IoT-Sensors Network for Smart Farming. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(5), 255–265.


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