A Medical Analysis for Colorectal Lymphomas using 3D MRI Images and Deep Residual Boltzmann CNN Mechanism

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Manu M R
T Poongodi


In this technological world the healthcare is very crucial and difficult to spend time for the wellbeing. The lifestyle disease can transform in to the life threating disease and lead to critical stages. Colorectal lymphomas are the 3rd most malignancy death in the entire world. The estimation of the volume of lymphomas is often used by Magnetic Resonance Imaging during medical diagnosis, particularly in advanced stages. The research study can be classified in multiple stages. In the initial stages, an automated method is used to calculated the volume of the colorectal lymphomas using 3D MRI images. The process begins with feature extraction using Iterative Multilinear Component Analysis and Multiscale Phase level set segmentation based on CNN model. Then, a logical frustum model is utilized for 3D simulation of colon lymphoma for rendering the medical data. The next stages is focused on tackling the matter of segmentation and classification of abnormality and normality of lymph nodes. A semi supervised fuzzy logic algorithm for clustering is used for segmentation, whereas bee herd optimization algorithm with scale down for employed to intensify corresponding classifier rate of detection. Finally, classification is performed using Deep residual Boltzmann CNN. Our proposed methodology gives a better results and diagnosis prediction for lymphomas for an accuracy 97.7%, sensitivity 95.7% and specify as 95.8% which is superior than the traditional approach.

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R, M. M. ., & Poongodi, T. . (2023). A Medical Analysis for Colorectal Lymphomas using 3D MRI Images and Deep Residual Boltzmann CNN Mechanism . International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(5), 30–41. https://doi.org/10.17762/ijritcc.v11i5.6522


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