An Innovative Approach for Enhancing Cloud Data Security using Attribute based Encryption and ECC

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Souad Hafidi
Fatima Amounas
Lahcen El Bermi
Moha Hajar


Cloud computing is future for upcoming generations. Nowadays various companies are looking to use Cloud computing services, as it may benefit them in terms of price, reliability and unlimited storage capacity. Providing security and privacy protection for the cloud data is one of the most difficult task in recent days. One of the measures which customers can take care of is to encrypt their data before it is stored on the cloud. Recently, the attribute-based encryption (ABE) is a popular solution to achieve secure data transmission and storage in the cloud computing. In this paper, an efficient hybrid approach using attribute-based encryption scheme and ECC is proposed to enhance the security and privacy issues in cloud. Here, the proposed scheme is based on Cipher text-Policy Attribute Based Encryption (CP-ABE) without bilinear pairing operations. In this approach, the computation-intensive bilinear pairing operation is replaced by the scalar multiplication on elliptic curves. Experimental results show that the proposed scheme has good cryptographic properties, and high security level which depends in the difficulty to solve the discrete logarithm problem on elliptic curves (ECDLP).

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Hafidi, S. ., F. . Amounas, L. E. . Bermi, and M. . Hajar. “An Innovative Approach for Enhancing Cloud Data Security Using Attribute Based Encryption and ECC”. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, vol. 9, no. 5, May 2021, pp. 01-06, doi:10.17762/ijritcc.v9i5.5471.