A Review Paper on Data Mining Techniques andAlgorithms

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Shalu Swami, Ompal Jangir


Data mining has made a great progress in recent year but the problem of missing data has remained a great challenge for data mining algorithms. It is an activity of extracting some useful knowledge from a large data base, by using any of its techniques.Data mining is used to discover knowledge out of data and presenting it in a form that is easily understood to humans. Data mining is the notion of all methods and techniques which allow analyzing very large data sets to extract and discover previously unknown structures and relations out of such huge heaps of details. This paper studied the classification and clustering techniques on the basis of algorithms which is used to predict previously unknown class of objects.

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, S. S. O. J. (2017). A Review Paper on Data Mining Techniques andAlgorithms. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 536–539. https://doi.org/10.17762/ijritcc.v5i3.346