Survey on Automated Bugs Triage System

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Iffat Tanveer Ansari , Mirza Moiz Baig


Nowadays IT companies is spending more than 40 percent of their cost in fixing software bugs, traditonally these bugs are fixed by manual assignement to a particular developer , this approach causes too much dependency, the new and alternative approach is the bug triage system which fix the bug automatically , which automatically assign the reported bug to a develop which decreases the time and cost in in manual work, different classification techniques are used to conduct automatic bug triage. In this paper, we propose to apply machine learning techniques to assist in bug triage to predict which developer should be assigned on the bug based on its description by applying text categrorization . We will address the problem of data reduction for bug triage, i.e. How the quality of bug data would be improved.

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, I. T. A. , M. M. B. (2017). Survey on Automated Bugs Triage System. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 238–240.