Advanced Door Level Security For Theft Detection

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Sayali V. Patil, Shital S. Patil, Mr. H. D. Gadade


Now a day?s many door access control systems are available in market but still the theft rates are increased. Protecting highly secured areas with single level biometric system for access control is not efficient. So in this paper we proposed a system with two level security checks. This system uses password with face recognition technique for theft detection. First system acquires password from user. If that password matched with authorized password, then current captured image will get compared with authorized image stored along with that password. This two level security reduces the number of comparisons required to match the image with authorized person. If any unauthorized person tries to get access of area, then system raises alarm and sends message to registered mobile number using GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) module. If any unauthorized person tries to harm the system, vibration sensor sends signal to microcontroller 89E51RD2 which in turns raises alarm. This system helps users for improvement of the door security of sensitive locations by using face detection and recognition. This system uses sensor, namely passive infrared receiver (PIR) which detects presence of human in front of door, Vibration sensors for detecting vibrations at door or window area, Microcontroller 89E51RD2 for sending signals to computer, Camera for capturing images, GSM module for sending messages and a buzzer for alerting authorized persons.

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, S. V. P. S. S. P. M. H. D. G. (2017). Advanced Door Level Security For Theft Detection. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 213–217.