Mobile Secure Examination System

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Cyril Alosious P, Sundar raj M, Manojikumar V, Jayaraj S


The increasing features of Internet Technologies in all application domains have changed life styles and interactions. With the rapid development of Mobile Learning, collaborative technologies is an important for teaching, learning methods and schemes.Interaction between the students also student with the teacher is important for student to gain knowledge.In this paper, we introduce an effective queries and answers Q&A system for collaborative technologies, which can act not just like a virtual teacher, but also virtual discussion for student. With the proposed system, brings a new Questions and Answering system, student can attach their question when they want collaborate using collaborative technologies capitalize on one another?s resources and skills. Students can ask their questions to the related collaborative Group when they want to collaborate with others, asking one another for information, evaluating one another?s ideas, then each of the answer will compare with data base. These systems are based on cognitive learning theory which is a learning theory interested in how information organizes in human?s memory. ITSs are intelligent programs which know whom they will teach so computers play an important part in education and instruction aims are performed and suggested in this work. In this project described and reviewed some of ITSs in educational application and demonstrate used modules in ITSs.

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, C. A. P. S. raj M. M. V. J. S. (2017). Mobile Secure Examination System. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 159–162.