Biomedical Signal Transmission Using VLC

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Manju.I, Archana.G, Archana.P ,Divya Bharathi.R, Muthu Selvi.V


In biomedical or healthcare application, the implementation of radio communication technologies is frequently flustered by the electromagnetic wave radiations and interference which are harmful to the humanbeings.Hence the transmission of low power (10 to 100?v) Biomedical signals with high degree of accuracy and at very high transmission rate is a challenging job. Thereby we go for a new novel method of transmission of these Biomedical signals using VLC (Visible light communication) technology. White beam light emitting diodes are used as a optical information emitter for efficiently transmitting biomedical data such as patient EEG,CT scan,MRI etc., information. ON/OFF keying modulation is used to modulate the data on to the visible light beam only at the Line of Sight condition. This amplified signal is fed into controller and the Biomedical signal is simulated by interfacing the kit with softwares (Embedded c coded in keil uvision 2.0 and visual basic 6.0).This proposed system has achieved a maximum distance as 10m and the resultant Biomedical signal has SNR greater than 7db with BER of 4.74X10-6.These results proves the excellent reliability and accuracy of proposed system.

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, M. A. A. ,Divya B. M. S. (2017). Biomedical Signal Transmission Using VLC. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 97–99.