Minimizing Energy Consumption Using Internet of Things

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Abinaya. S, Akshaya. G, Dhivya. J, Madhan. S


Now a days using of internet is growing faster. All things are connected using internet. Internet of things means connecting all the devices using internet. These issues become crucial in large scale of IoT environments which are composed of thousands of distributed devices. The more number of distributed systems consumes more amount of energy. This paper is to minimize energy during data transfer and to minimize loss of packets and time delay. In this we are using Ant Colony Optimization algorithm for clustering the data nodes and transferring data with less energy consumption.

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, A. S. A. G. D. J. M. S. (2017). Minimizing Energy Consumption Using Internet of Things. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 5(3), 67–70.