Graphical Password Scheme Using Cued Click Point and Persuasion with Multiple Images

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Ansari Sarim, Rokade Jayesh, Khan Ishan, Shaikh Adil, Govind Wakure


There are three main categories of authentication system – token-based (what you have), biometric-based (who you are) and knowledge-based (what you know). Cued Click Point is a graphical password scheme which is a type of knowledge based authentication. In CCP, user clicks on one point per picture for an arrangement of pictures.CCP gives more prominent security than PassPoints in light of the fact that the quantity of pictures builds the workload for attackers. The proposed system uses persuasion allowing user’s choice to a certain extent while encouraging users towards stronger and less-vulnerable passwords.In the proposed system, the undertaking of choosing less secure passwords (which are simple for attackers to hack) is more monotonous, disheartening users from settling on such decisions.In actuality, this approach makes picking a more secure secret key less weight on clients, it is less demanding to take after the framework's recommendations for a protected password—an element lacking in many systems. CCP is an effective alternative to text-based passwords and other forms of traditional authentication system. Psychological studies have also revealed that human mind can recognize images faster than text and numbers. CCP can be applied to a system front-end which requires high level of security.This paper presents implementation of Cued Click Point (CCP) graphical password which uses persuasion along with multiple images.

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, A. S. R. J. K. I. S. A. G. W. “Graphical Password Scheme Using Cued Click Point and Persuasion With Multiple Images”. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, vol. 6, no. 4, Apr. 2018, pp. 94-97, doi:10.17762/ijritcc.v6i4.1524.