Conference Issue: Ncitse 2016 Track Papers

National Conference on Innovative Trends in Science and Engineering (NCITSE 2016) Organized by:- " Mauli Group of Institution's, College of Engineering & Technology, Shegaon, Maharashtra"

Special Issue published by:

International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication


1. Energy Management of Grid Connected PV System Based on Artificial Intelligence  

Authors: Puja Balaram Sutar, Dr. B.R.Patil, Sharvari Sane

Page No.: 01 - 04


2. Net Meter Base Solar Pv System: Mgicoet Shegaon  

Authors: Prof. V. A. Ghodeswar, Prof. K. K. Rajput, Prof. P. S. Dorale, Dr.C.M.Jadhao

Page No.: 05 - 08


3. Modeling and Simulation of a Controller of Brushless DC Motor for Electric Vehicle Application  

Authors: Manali P. Chavhan, Sanjay M. Shinde

Page No.: 09 - 13


4. Bagasse Power for Meeting Challenges of Energy  

Authors: Harshal Gosavi, Dr. P. K. Katti

Page No.: 14 - 17


5. Design of basic model of semi-automatic dish washer machine  

Authors: Shilpa N. Dehedkar

Page No.: 18 - 21


6. Agricultural Load Consumption of AG Feeder: A Detailed Analysis  

Authors: Prof. P. W. Choudhary, Prof. K. K. Rajput, Dr. C. M. Jadhao

Page No.: 22 - 25


7. Analysis of Different Types of Faults in Power System Using S-Transform  

Authors: Pratik W. Choudhary, Ravindra.K.Mankar, Mohammad Zubair

Page No.: 26 - 28


8. Speed Control of Induction Motor by using V/F Control Method in Matlab Simulink  

Authors: Prof. Piyush. S. Dorale, Mr. Mohammad. Zubair, Prof. Kavishwar. K. Rajput, Prof. Vaibhav. A. Ghodeswar, Prof. Aishwarya. S. Kakad

Page No.: 29 - 31


9. Review: Enhancement of Power System Stability using Static Var Compensator (Svc)  

Authors: Miss. N. P. Ghushe, Prof. U. A. Jawadekar, Prof. K. K. Rajput, Prof. S. A. Deshmukh, Prof. G. C. Tantarpale

Page No.: 32 - 34


10. Detection of Bearing Fault of Induction Motor using Signature Analysis  

Authors: Pratik W. Choudhary, Dhiraj Arun Tikar, Digambar R. Bhise

Page No.: 35 - 38


11. Review: Importance of Power System Reliability  

Authors: Prof. A. S. Kakad, Mr. Mohammad. Zubair, Prof. K. K. Rajput, Prof . V. A. Ghodeswar, Prof. P. S. Dorale

Page No.: 39 - 41


12. Dwt-Ann Approach to Classify Power Quality Disturbances  

Authors: Prof. Abhijit P. Padol, Prof. K. K. Rajput, Prof. Pratik W. Choudhary, Prof. Nishant W. Labade, Mr. Mohammad Zubair

Page No.: 42 - 46


13. A Small Scale Solar Power Generation Connected to the Power Grid  

Authors: Prof. S. A. Deshmukh, Prof. K .K. Rajput, Prof. G. C. Tantarpale, Prof. N. P. Ghushe, Prof. M. M. Tayade

Page No.: 47 - 49


14. Power Quality Improvement of grid connected wind energy system using static compensator  

Authors: Miss. G. C. Tantarpale, Prof. S. R. Paraskar, Prof. K. K. Rajput, Prof. S. A. Deshmukh, Miss N. P. Ghushe

Page No.: 50 - 55


15. Power Situation in Maharashtra in Perspective of Agricultural Load-A Case Study  

Authors: Prof. M. M. Tayade, Prof . V. A. Ghodeswar, Prof. K. K. Rajput, Dr. C. M. Jadhao, Prof. S. A. Deshmukh

Page No.: 56 - 61


16. Impact of Distributed Generation on Voltage Stability  

Authors: Shraddha Sureshkumar Dhoot, Prof. Ravishankar Kankale, Pratik W. Choudhary

Page No.: 62 - 64


17. Power Quality Issues and Signal Processing Approach  

Authors: Mr. Mohammad Zubair, Prof. Abhijit P. Padol., Prof. Pratik W. Choudhary, Prof. Piyush S. Dorale, Prof. Aishwarya S. Kakad

Page No.: 65 - 69


18. Use of Magnetic Refrigeration using Solid Refrigerant to Eliminate the Requirement of Compressor for Domestic Application  

Authors: Jagtap Amruta B, V. V. Talape, Prof. G. S. Chaudhari

Page No.: 70 - 73


19. Efficiency Analysis Of Perturb and Observe Maximum Power Point Tracking Method with Open Loop Boost Convertor and Closed Loop Boost Convertor  

Authors: Joshi Sarthak Krishna, Khandare Akshay Vijay, Shumbul Shahabuddin

Page No.: 74 - 78


20. Voltage Multiplier Module for a Photovoltaic System with a high step up converters  

Authors: Miss. Aakruti Jain, Miss. Amruta Jagtap, Prof. Gopal Chaudhari

Page No.: 79 - 81


21. Review of Harmonioc Detection and Filtering in Power System  

Authors: Prof. Nishant W. Labade, Prof. Pratik W. Choudhary, Prof. Abhijit P. Padol, Prof. Kavishwar K. Rajput, Mr. Swapnil Tulaskar

Page No.: 82 - 86


22. Classification of Power Quality Events In Power System Using ANN (Nueral Network)  

Authors: Mr. Swapnil P. Tulaskar, Dr. Sunil B. Warkad, Prof. Nilesh G. Bunde, Prof. Nishant W. Labade, Prof. Kavishwar K. Rajput

Page No.: 87 - 90


23. Human Life Protection by Safety Airbags used in Cars  

Authors: Rajesh Kamalkishor Mantri, Chaitanya Satish Deshpande

Page No.: 91 - 97


24. Design & Analysis of Injection Mould of Submarine Engine Part  

Authors: Mahesh S. Beldar, Prof. S. V. Ingle

Page No.: 98 - 103


25. Design and Fabrication of Solar Operated Sprayer for Agricultural Purpose  

Authors: Akshay M. Narete, Prof. Gopal Waghmare

Page No.: 104 - 107


26. Modification and Design of Mechanism for Mackintosh Cleaning Machine for Performance Optimization  

Authors: Chaitanya Satish Deshpande, Rajesh Kamalkishor Mantri

Page No.: 108 - 113


27. A Report on Design and CFD analysis of McCauley Vertical axis wind turbine  

Authors: Mr. Prashant B. Borakhede, Mrs. Alka L. Mata

Page No.: 114 - 116


28. Determining Machining Accuracy of Quadratic Bézier Surface with respect to Control Points  

Authors: Aseemkumar L. Joshi, Navnit J. Patel, Jay K. Pandya, Milap M. Gohil

Page No.: 117 - 122


29. Experimental Analysis of Heat Transfer Augmentation By Passive Methods  

Authors: Prof. Swapnil Suresh Bhadang

Page No.: 123 - 126


30. A Review paper on Structure Modification in Banana Fiber Extraction Machine  

Authors: S. N. Kunte, Prof. A. B. Amale

Page No.: 127 - 130


31. Cubic Bézier Surface Machining using Control Points to Find the Accuracy of Machining  

Authors: Milap M. Gohil, Pravin P. Rathod, Jay K. Pandya

Page No.: 131 - 137


32. Application of Operation Research Techniques-Game Theory in Agricultural Field  

Authors: Mrs. Alka L. Mata, Mr. Prashant B. Borakhede

Page No.: 138 - 141


33. Optimization of Input Parameters in Friction Stir Welding of Al Alloy 2014  

Authors: Prof. Satish P. Pawar, Prof. Nilesh A. Ghanokar

Page No.: 142 - 145


34. Comparative Analysis of Rotavator Blade for Rocky and Non-Rocky Soils  

Authors: Prof. Nilesh A. Ghanokar, Prof. Satish P. Pawar

Page No.: 146 - 149


35. Current Research Developments in Machining of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites: A Review  

Authors: Kamalkishor G. Maniyar, Dr. D. S. Ingole

Page No.: 150 - 154


36. Experimental Investigation of Two Stroke SI Engine on Carburetor and Injection Mode  

Authors: Prof. Swapnil Kamalkishor Agrawal, Prof. Rahul M. Jetwani

Page No.: 155 - 158


37. Design and Fabrication of Rotating Solar Collector  

Authors: Prof. Aniruddha Ramgir Gosavi, Prof. Swapnil Suresh Bhadang

Page No.: 159 - 162


38. Finite Element Analysis of a Backhoe loader to study Fatigue Failure  

Authors: Roshan V. Marode, Anand G. Bhatkar

Page No.: 163 - 166


39. GSM Based Implementation of RFID Authentication Protocol Using ARM  

Authors: Kaustubh U. Pathak, Prof. K. N. Pawar

Page No.: 167 - 170


40. Wavelet Based Seizure/Epileptic Activity Characterization on EEG  

Authors: Dr. C.M. Jadhao, Prof. S.S. Mhaske, Prof. S.A. Tale

Page No.: 171 - 174


41. Multiple Moving Object Detection and Tracking in a Video Sequence  

Authors: Amit S. Kakad, Dr C. M. Jadhao, Prof. S. S. Mhaske, Prof. N. B. Bhawarkar

Page No.: 175 - 179


42. Brain Tumor Detection and Classification using SVM  

Authors: Bhavana Ghotekar, Mrs. K. J. Mahajan

Page No.: 180 - 182


43. Dental Biometric Identification for Missing Teeth  

Authors: Ms. Pranoti Rajput, Mrs. K. J. Mahajan

Page No.: 183 - 185


44. Synthesis and Simulation of FPGA Based Rc4 Encryption Method  

Authors: Renu M. Sharma, Pallavi Choudhary

Page No.: 186 - 191


45. Optimization of Pole Spacing of Road Illumination System using DIALux  

Authors: P. R. Yawale, V.G.Wagh, A.D. Shaligram

Page No.: 192 - 195


46. Results: Algorithm of QR Code based Digital Image Watermarking  

Authors: Mayuri G. Khandalkar, Dr. C. M. Jadhao

Page No.: 196 - 199


47. Simulation and Study of Cardiac Disorders  

Authors: Anjali J. Deshmukh, Yogendra B. Gandole

Page No.: 200 - 204


48. Multi-Modulus Adder Implementation and its Applications  

Authors: Aditya Urkude, Gargi Deshmukh, Minal Shinde, Anjali Deshmukh

Page No.: 205 - 210


49. Under Publication Process  

Authors: Author 1, Author 2

Page No.: 211 - 213


50. Development of Intensity Modulated Fiber Optic based Liquid Level Sensor  

Authors: S. M. Maske, R. S. Laddha, P. B. Buchade, A. D. Shaligram

Page No.: 214 - 215


51. Modeling of Fiber Optic Tilt Sensor using MATHEMATICA and Simulation Studies of its Application as Automobile Throttle Position Sensor  

Authors: R. S. Laddha, S. M.Maske, P. B. Buchade, A.D. Shaligram

Page No.: 216 - 219


52. Wi-Fi Controlled Smart Robot with ARM Cortex-M4 Processor  

Authors: Rahul R. Ambalkar, Subodh G. Mankar

Page No.: 220 - 223


53. Study of Bit-Serial Multiplier in Finite Fields GF (2m)  

Authors: Riddhish Shukla, Kulin Shah, Raj Chaurasia, Sivanatham S

Page No.: 224 - 228


54. Effective Design of High Performance Packet Classification Architecture using HDL  

Authors: Kranti Hande, Prof. Vijay Wadhankar

Page No.: 229 - 233


55. Recognition of Facial Expression by Digital Image Processing  

Authors: Praphull S. Sonone, Manjusha M. Patil

Page No.: 234 - 236


56. Efficient Antenna Design for RF Front End Transceiver for Wi-Max Application  

Authors: Mr. Shon Nemane, Prof.V. N. Bhonge, Prof. N. W. Labade

Page No.: 237 - 238


57. Optimization of Mac Unit with Block Enabling Technique  

Authors: Mr. Tejrao P. Marode, Dr. G. S. Gawande

Page No.: 239 - 243


58. Filtering Techniques for Reduction of Motion Artifacts in Electrocardiogram Signals  

Authors: Prof. Nilesh M. Verulkar, Prof. Rahul R. Ambalkar, Prof. Snehal R. Deshmukh, Prof. Pranali P. Chavhan

Page No.: 244 - 249


59. Review on Comparitive Analysis of Image Compression Technique’s  

Authors: Miss. Sheetal N. Pore, Miss. Priyanka S. Barapatre, Miss. Kajal P. Visrani, Prof. Rahul P. Tolankar, Prof. Shilpa S. Redekar

Page No.: 250 - 253


60. An Implementation of PWM in FPGA for the Speed Control of DC Drives  

Authors: Prof. A. P. Dhande

Page No.: 254 - 257


61. Controlling Method For Anti-Lock Braking System Using Cyclone II  

Authors: Prof. Ravindra P. Dhewale

Page No.: 258 - 261


62. Key Frame Extraction Using Deviation Based Algorithm for Enhancement of Video Quality  

Authors: N. B. Bhawarkar, Amit S. Kakad, Swapnil A. Tale, Deepavali P. Patil, Prabodh S. Nimat

Page No.: 262 - 265


63. Effect of Finite Word Length for FIR Filter Coefficient in Electrocardiogram Filtering  

Authors: Vaibhav M Dikhole, Snehal R.Deshmukh, Nishant W. Labade, Pranali P.Chavan, Nilesh M.Verulkar

Page No.: 266 - 271


64. Vitiligo Regaining Normal Skin Colour from Physics Point of View  

Authors: S. S. Arsad, P. A. Nagpure, U. R. Kathale

Page No.: 272 - 273


65. Application of UV Spectrum in Medical and other Diversified Fields  

Authors: S. S. Arsad, U.R. Kathale, V.B. Bhatkar

Page No.: 274 - 275


66. Investigation on Cobalt sulphide thin films: Growth Mechanism, Structural Analysis and Optical Properties  

Authors: Shubhangi Gavande, Mr. A. L. Nivergikar, Dr. L. P. Deshmukh

Page No.: 276 - 280


67. Approximate Analytical Solution for Water Infiltration Problem in Unsaturated Soil  

Authors: Amruta R. Daga, Vikas H. Pradhan

Page No.: 281 - 285


68. The Review of Introduction to Fourier Series and Fourier Transform  

Authors: Ujjvala Gawarguru

Page No.: 286 - 288


69. Synthesis and characterization of 3-chloro-4-(substituted phenyl)-N-(4- nitro benzamido)-2-azetidinone derivatives and its antimicrobial application  

Authors: Dr. S. D. Tarale, Dr.R.E. Khadsan

Page No.: 289 - 292


70. Synthesis of Nanosized perovskite-type materials CdSnO3 for Gas Sensor Applications  

Authors: M. S. Pande, Dr. V. D. Kapse

Page No.: 293 - 296


71. Density and viscosity of 2- Hydroxy Substituted Chalcone Dibromide and Quinoxaline in Ethanol, Solvent at 297,301 and 305 K Temperature  

Authors: N. A. Kalambe, N. R.Thakare, H. R. Dhanbhar

Page No.: 297 - 300


72. Physical properties of semiconductor Cu: ZnO prepared by a simple route  

Authors: N. R. Thakare, N. A. Kalambe, Y. S. Sakhare, H. R. Dhanbhar, A. U. Bajpayee

Page No.: 301 - 304


73. A Survey on the Internet of Things Security Challenges and its Application  

Authors: Dr. C. M. Jadhao

Page No.: 305 - 308


74. Knowledge Discovery and Weather Prediction of India using Machine Learning  

Authors: Ms. Sujata Ashok Jadhav, Mr. S. P. Potdar

Page No.: 309 - 312


75. Design of Rule Based Fuzzy Expert System for Diagnosis of Cardiac Diseases  

Authors: Anuradha B. Rathod, P. S. Gawande

Page No.: 313 - 320


76. Implementation of a Voice Command Recognition System for Human Machine Interface using microcontroller in Embedded System  

Authors: Mrs. Sunpreet Kaur Nanda

Page No.: 321 - 323


77. Control System for Home Automation based on IoT  

Authors: Swapnil A.Tale, Amit S. Kakad, Nitish B. Bhawarkar, Deepavali P. Patil, Prabodh S. Nimat

Page No.: 324 - 326


78. A Comprehensive Survey on Symmetric key Encryption  

Authors: Vaibhav P. Sawalkar, Niraj N. Kasliwal, Megha Singh

Page No.: 327 - 332


79. A survey on Gray Scale to RGB Image Conversion  

Authors: U. B. Shingote, M. T. Ingle

Page No.: 333 - 335


80. A Review on Securityand Privacy Challenges in IoT  

Authors: Parag K. Shelke, Kshitij R. Mawale, Prabodh S. Nimat, Sagar R. Deshmukh, Ashwini G. Sharma

Page No.: 336 - 340


81. Comparative Analysis of Different Operating Systems for a Raspberry Pi  

Authors: Prabodh S. Nimat, Amit S. Kakad, Deepavali P. Patil, Nitish B. Bhawarkar, Swapnil A. Tale

Page No.: 341 - 344


82. Privacy and Security Enhancement in Multi Cloud Architecture  

Authors: Ashwini G. Sharma, Animesh Tayal

Page No.: 345 - 355


83. Review : Smart Agriculture with Internet of Things, Sensors, Cloud-Computing and Mobile Computing  

Authors: Deepika A. Kadale, Sagar R. Deshmukh, Kshitij R.Mawale, Ravikiran G. Deshmukh

Page No.: 356 - 359


84. Determining loss of Packets in Wireless Network by Dissecting Collision from Weak Signal  

Authors: Kshitij R. Mawle, Deepika A. Kadale, Ravikiran G. Deshmukh, Pravin V. Thakare, Parag K. Shelke

Page No.: 360 - 363


85. Steagnography: An Overview  

Authors: Sagar R. Deshmukh, Manjusha M. Patil, Ashwini G. Sharma, Anand G. Sharma

Page No.: 364 - 368


86. Quantum Cryptography: An Overview  

Authors: A. G. Sharma, N. N. Kasliwal

Page No.: 369 - 372


87. A Literature Review on Analysis of Different Wavelets for Image Processing Applications  

Authors: Nishant W. Labade, Prof. R. N. Patil, Prof. S. R. Deshmukh

Page No.: 373 - 377


88. Efficient Analysis of Big Data by using Hadoop in Cloud Computing by Map Reducing  

Authors: Ashish A. Patokar, Dr. V. M. Patil

Page No.: 378 - 381


89. Review on IDS in Cloud Environment By using FC-ANN  

Authors: Rahul P. Tolankar, Vaibhav P. Sawalkar, Niraj N. Kasliwal

Page No.: 382 - 386


90. Review on IP and MAC Traceability System-FDPM  

Authors: Shilpa S. Redekar, Kajal P. Visrani, Rahul P. Tolankar, Priyanka S. Barapatre, Sheetal N. Pore

Page No.: 387 - 391


91. Image Processing of Data by using Visualization Technique  

Authors: Pravin V. Thakare, Kshitij R. Mawale, Ravikiran G. Deshmukh, Sheetal N. Pore, Priyanka S. Barapatre

Page No.: 392 - 397


92. Network Layer Attacks in Wireless Sensor Network: A Review  

Authors: Ravikiran G. Deshmukh, Deepika A. Kadale, Kshitij R. Mawle, Pravin V. Thakare, Gaurav D. Gulhane

Page No.: 398 - 401


93. Reduction of Noise from Digital Image  

Authors: Ms. Neha Chede, Prof. Swati C. Tawalare

Page No.: 402 - 411


94. A Survey on Efficient Privacy Preserving Multi-Keyword Ranked Search for Multiple Data Owners over Encrypted Cloud Storage  

Authors: Mr. Vaibhav Sawalkar, Prof. Megha Singh

Page No.: 412 - 416


95. Review on Iris Recognition for High Security Access Environment  

Authors: Ms. Pranali P. Chavhan, Prof. V. K. Bhangadiya

Page No.: 417 - 422


96. Automation of Railway Gate Control at Level Crossing using Raspberry Pi  

Authors: Vinit P. Kharkar

Page No.: 423 - 426


97. Reversible Data Hiding for Encrypted Image with Privacy Protection for Image Content  

Authors: Prof. Manjusha M. Patil, Prof. Sagar R. Deshmukh, Prof. Ashwini G. Sharma, Prof. Parag K. Shelke

Page No.: 427 - 435


98. Learning BACnet Concept for Home Automation  

Authors: Deepavali P. Patil, Amit S. Kakad, Prabodh S. Nimat, Swapnil A.Tale, Nitish B. Bhawarkar

Page No.: 436 - 439


99. Study of Implementation of Internet of Things and its Applications  

Authors: S. R. Chaware, N. H. Khandare

Page No.: 440 - 444